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    auto generate .htaccess file

    Hi, I have a few php pages that are pretty resource hungry so I've made a script to cache them as static html files. I was then going to have the script modify the .htaccess file to redirect to the html files according to which had an up-to-cache. Unfortunately, after writing the whole...
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    SMTP 550 Error for one account

    Yay I can sleep now! It's all good now. The solution was on another thread. Just had remove the domain from /etc/remotedomains and put it in /etc/localdomains Joel.
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    SMTP 550 Error for one account

    I've got myself into quite some trouble. A while ago a client's mail stopped work. I can't remember what the problem was but I ended up giving up and just copying the whole cpanel account to another server, and pointed the MX record to that server. So we have server A hosting dns and web and all...
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    restoring backup

    make sure the file is in /home and make sure it is called cpmove-<accountname>.tar.gz Replace <accountname> with the actual account name Do this from the shell /scripts/restorepkg <accoutname> If this doesn't - what errors does it show?
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    Manually changing a DNS Zone

    Make sure you increment the serial number when edit a zone file. It is the first number after the open parenthesis .
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    Exim or SMTP problem

    Hi, Does anyone know what to make of this: - Delivery attempt for Message ID 1GjCZP-0001uO-VP Message 1GjCZP-0001uO-VP is not frozen delivering 1GjCZP-0001uO-VP Connecting to []:25 ... connected LOG: MAIN []: Connection...
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    cannot start named

    Fixed I found the answer on another thread For anyone else with this probelm go to I'm running centos so this what I did: # yum check-update # yum update bind-libs # service named start Joel
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    cannot start named

    Hi, I've been Googling for hours and nothing I've tried has worked. The problem started a day or so after setting up DNS clustering. The other server in the cluster works fine and as far as I can tell their configurations are much the same. I have since turn off clustering on both servers...