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    [hackcheck] fileutils failed checksum test

    got the same here Only my system was hacked =o(
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    An error message that does not make sense. (phpMyAdmin)

    Hey, Try to chmod the script to 644. KT
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    Creating a different link to Cpanel

    How do I create a link like from port to have the ability to use another like and have it directed to cpanels port? i would like to apply this to alll accounts. I thought about a ln -s , but I am nto tsure that would work or to where...
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    need to hire someone for Servlets install

    The person installed the servlets and they did work, however they were not functional for long. Anyways, I would reccomend having installed via plugin,. I got they to work correctly when I did the plugin, it was another instance that created the difficulty. Best of Luck, KT
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    CPanel logo for site?

    here is one too
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    Tomcat with servlet and servlets paths

    acutally you should thank Nick for this =o)
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    how do I fix it so users cannot view certain directories. All user can view /home/ They cannot view the user's account, however if the type cd home/user/public_html the can view the contents of the directory knowing that public_html already exists. From there they can view any php scripts...
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    need to hire someone for Servlets install

    Thanks soemone has been hired.
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    need to hire someone for Servlets install

    I installed servlets awhile back, and got everything running except servlets, JSP worked fine. One of my best clients came to me because I offered servlets. I had just installed them onto my server, I checked jsp, however never tried servlets, they never got to work. Now he is probably...
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    Problem with PHP and safe mode

    openbasedir = ~ I think they should look into putting this into all new accounts aswell. This could solve alot of the problems the we are having right now as far as securing our servers. Thanks
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    Shell Access

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Shell Access

    I was wondering...One of my clients had mentioned being able to view other users accounts. Shell users cannot access them, or execute functions on them, however, they can see all of the other users, and all folders on the servers. I think this is a pretty big security threat. I checked it out...
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    Viewing passwords

    How can I access my clients Cpanels or FTP without having to change their password, or using the home dir? Thanks
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    PhisioSkin - Opinions Wanted

    Yeah I thought it looked the same too...
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    Tomcat and Memory

    I got the same thing happening... its start about 30 or so processes. JSP works good, but servlets say not 404 found or unavailable...I am thinking of just uninstalling the whole thing all together. Its a pain..... KT
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    Free CPanel/WHM Skins: you may loose your business to their

    Good, I am glad this has been resloved for you.. Lets just not kick people who develop &free& things to help business. It's not for you to decide what they can and cannot put in their theme. Your arguemnet should have been between you and DarkOrb.
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    Free CPanel/WHM Skins: you may loose your business to their

    I do believe that all that designed the Freebies have now gone and replaced or deleted theri links. I really dont think any of them wanted to steal anyones business. Bert fixed his, cass did aswell, and visualvertex goes nowhere, and if it does turn into a hosting company I will delete it...
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    New WHM Skin

    Hey Bert, Did you design all of Pronics sites? If you did, you did a great job man. Very nice. You make great themes too, thanks for all your efforts. KT
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    JSPs work but Servlets Fail

    I know I am having the same problem....
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    CPanel Skin(delayed)

    Well, your half right. When I first made the skin, since it was going to be free(still is), I intended on just making it look presentable, without too much digging around the insides. However, when I got so many good responses, I started a complete remake of it. I am acutally done with about 50%...