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    Mail Delivery Reports

    That worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!
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    Mail Delivery Reports

    Hi, I need to get all the emails sent and received for a domain for a period of time. I could get all the data via the Mail Delivery Reports from WHM, but I need to send those stats to the client. I could do a huge copy paste, but I would lost formatting and it would be a pain to sort...
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    Is it possible to give a Reseller account access to Cphulk, CFS or similar?

    Hi, I have the same problem but I want to give only CPHulk permission, not CSF, as most IP ban occurs in CPHulk. I've searched in WHM on how to add a specific permission to a reseller to give him CPHulk access, but I couldn't find. Any idea on how I could achieve this?