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    Problem with remote FTP backup

    Appears that the error was in the message and missed “Cpanel::FileUtils::Permissions::String::str2oct” was given an invalid permissions string: drw-rw-rw Customer has not replies with further updates about whether or not they updated the remote FTP permissions as this is a directory likely...
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    Problem with remote FTP backup

    Curious if this is a cPanel update issue as I have a customer with it seems a similar issue. Error: Validation for transport “Remote” failed: Could not list files in destination: Cpanel::Exception::InvalidParameter/(XID 6zke7z) “Cpanel::FileUtils::Permissions::String::str2oct” was given an...
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    SOLVED [CPANEL-25795] Mail failure - rejected by local scanning code

    I have a customer having the same issue with email being rejected as well 2019-02-25 12:57:47 1gyLRj-0000hq-To <= <> R=1gyLLD-00080t-2L U=mailnull P=local S=1058328 T="Mail failure - rejected by local scanning code" for [email protected] 2019-02-25 12:57:47 1gyLLD-00080t-2L...
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    SOLVED [EA-8010] cURL upgrade breaks RSS feeds

    @TunedCloud , likely could read up on setting the version for the curl RPM to be held back to the version you need so it persists between updates if I understand this documentation properly. The rpm.versions File - Version 74 Documentation - cPanel Documentation
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    SOLVED [EA-8010] cURL upgrade breaks RSS feeds

    Thanks Michael and quanin, the customer was hoping to avoid that per their dev but if that's the only solution for now that's what we're stuck with! Thanks for the followup. I anticipate this will likely be a wider spread issue as we seem to have an issue with another customer possibly having...
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    SOLVED [EA-8010] cURL upgrade breaks RSS feeds

    Hello, I have a customer that is having an issue with this as well with their Magento site and their Recaptcha. Is there any further information about EA-8010? Thanks!
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    AutoSSL Queue

    Is there really no way to cancel these pending requests? Pending queue. Showing 1 - 20 of 5,564 items Only 130 cPanel accounts on this server but of course there's at least 5 for each domain with webmail./cpanel./www./webdisk./etc I found the scripts autossl_check...
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    SOLVED SFTP - Incorrect upload permissions

    I seem to still be having this issue uploading files on a server using Filezilla. I thought that this was fixed with a EA4 update? I see that's just a patch to allow suphp to actually use the files with the improper permissions though. On 2 different servers both running CentOS 7.3 with...
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    Auto Delete Backup Directory Before New One Generated

    Would be better to just remove the .tar.gz files and let cPanel remove the directory itself. Most of the space is taken up by them anyways 30 2 * * * find /backup -type f -ctime +2 -name '*.tar.gz' -exec rm -rf {} \; But the cPanel backups will run after this by default. 1am for legacy and 2am...
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    SOLVED Incremental backups do not remove old files deleted from customer's account?

    AH ok. So there is no resolution on this at the moment then? This would be a +1 for this type of issue then!
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    SOLVED Incremental backups do not remove old files deleted from customer's account?

    I was wondering how to get some more information about this kind of occurance and that internal case number 108237. I have a similar issue where a customer has incremental backups and the dailys are removing files that are not in the user's accounts, but the weekly are not removing extraneous...
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    New BackUp

    Sorry to hijack thread, but any tips on where to look if the PID is not found but the file is still there? The time stamp is from this morning when the backup fired so It's not an old process and the box has been up for over a month so it's not a server crash that caused it.