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    every day httpd down issue with low load

    Hello members, after upgrade to mariaDB 10.1 in my old server daily issues of httpd and mysql down time, i decide to setup new powerfull server, so setup 2xE5-2630V3, 32 GB RAM with SSD cache, when i complete migration new server, now again issue on new server as will httpd got down after...
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    WHM - How to suspend Account, FTP, cPanel, Domain and subdomain

    You can suspend account via SSH /scripts/suspendacct <username> "Reason"
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    Restore 200+ fullbackup account on my WHM

    Restore multiple backup in one command ssh if the filename of the full backups varied, you could store a list of the full paths to each backup in a text file, such as a text file at "/root/list_of_backups.txt" and then the command could be altered as follows:
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    backup restore

    my whm connt restore backup form user home directory when i move from user home to root home then will restore pls how i can fix this problem Thanks in advanced