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    Duplicated logfile?

    Hello, doing maintenance on my servers i have discovered that apache logfiles seems duplicated. example: in /etc/httpd/domlogs/ ls -asl 952K -rw-r----- 2 root auser 946K 30 mag 14:45 and in /etc/httpd/domlogs/auser ls -asl 4,0K drwxr-x--- 2 root auser 4,0K...
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    SMTP data timeout (message abandoned) on connection from

    Hello, looking in the exim_mainlog i see a quantity of SMTP data timeout (message abandoned) on connection from and always coming from the same bucket of domains. tried to restart exim and this does not fix the problem. And I am also not sure that it could be a exim problem because...
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    cisco vpnclient

    Hello, I have tried and the ip remains the same before and afteri run vpnclient. I was not precise, the service vpnclient_init is not responsible, the license problem happens when i run vpnclient connect myresource a cipsec0 appears. cipsec0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr...
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    cisco vpnclient

    Hello, I have compiled the cisco vpn client on a server with cpanel, it seems that when i run the vpnclient_init service the cpanel license becomes invalid. My goal is to have an ipsec connection to a customer (custom) database on a windows environment, behind a cisco router. The customer...
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    mailman high loads

    Hello, I have a legitimate user that has a mailman mailing list with 3300 users. When it does some mailing list manipulation via cpanel (uploading users addresses), the cpu usage goes to very high levels for some minutes. The server (AMD 64 3000) is still responding even if the load average...
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    Setting up Nameservers Issue

    I am happy to hear that now everything is working :-)
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    Setting up Nameservers Issue

    ok, i definitively checked the config on a fc6. the servfail problem seems due to the "views" part of the named.conf Seems that the caching nameserver has the priority over the local zones. so it respond with a servfail because is looking outside. i have made another named.conf (make a backup...
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    Setting up Nameservers Issue

    ok, seems that there a servfail. this is a problem, seems that on localhost does not propery respond (servfail) what is the result of /etc/rc.d/init.d/named status (maybe the path could change) and do a ps -A | grep named you should have only one named process running. i will try the...
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    Setting up Nameservers Issue

    hello, mhhh, seems the problem is not here. I have tried your named.conf on a fc7 i have and is working! have you selinux enabled? (more /etc/selinux/config ) what is the result of dig @ also refused? also check the permissions and ownership of...
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    Setting up Nameservers Issue

    Hello, it seems that your dns server is up and running, also the proper firewall ports are open. named just refuse everything. if you try to dig: dig @ you get a status REFUSED. but also if you dig a common, external site you get status refused...
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    mailman not receiving emails

    Hello, I have a problem with a mailman mailing list. It seems that emails coming from outside the server are properly received but emails incoming from the server accounts, just dont reach mailman. reinstalling mailman does not fix the problem. Any clue?
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    local resolve problem after account removal

    Hello, I have solved the problem changing the order of the nameservers in resolv.conf I have changed resolv.conf from nameserver ***.***.***.*** (my local ns ip 1) nameserver ***.***.***.*** (my local ns ip 2) nameserver (opendns) nameserver (opendns) to...
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    Upgrade to PHP 5.2.1

    Hello, I just upgraded to 5.2.1 and after the upgrade apache failed to start. The zend optimizer was the cause. I just commented out the following in php.ini inorder to start apache (to reduce downtime): [Zend] ;zend_extension_manager.optimizer=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer-3.2.0...
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    local resolve problem after account removal

    Hello, Ok I have checked with dig and dig properly respond with a empty A field. In my resolv.conf i have in that order: All the servers are not resolving, and via dig i can check that those ns are not resolving the ip...
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    Cname supersite

    Hello, maybe you are missing a ServerAlias directive in your virtualhost in httpd.conf. ServerAlias should be without (www) if you used with www in the ServerName directive. www should be setup in the dns zone for (cname) in httpd.conf, inside your virtualhost...
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    local resolve problem after account removal

    Hello, I just removed an account from a server, and i need to communicate with the new server. It's the first time I do that. I removed all the zones regarding that account ( but if I do: #host I dont get anything instead of the new ip number of...
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    phpbb not conect sql [moved]

    Hello, Seems you have create the user and the database but you not added the user to the database. You have to add the user to the database with all necessary privileges.
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    history of high server load

    Hello, here is my history of high load on a server. I want to share this experience to see if I can improve something. my configuration Amd64 3000 (2GHz) 1GB ram. 3992.74 BogoMIPS WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-R57 CentOS 4.4 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 httpd with: LoadModule...
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    not displaying *.php

    Hello, seems you have phpsuexec running. with phpsuexec php scripts are acting like cgi. Look in your .htaccess, maybe you have Options -ExecCGI. If yes remove -ExecCGI from your htaccess. You dont Have an htaccess, you can try creating a .htaccess with Options +ExecCGI If this does not work...
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    an error occurred whil processing this directive

    Look in your index.shtml there is a line like this: <!--#include virtual="/navbar.shtml" --> check the path file with your browser, lynx or wget to see if you can access it. Maybe you cant reach that file (if you can avoid spaces in filenames, use "_" instead...