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    Memcached on Module Installer

    Memcached and php-memcache are different. Memcached is an in-memory key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data (strings, objects) from results of database calls, API calls, or page rendering. php-Memcache module provides handy procedural and object oriented interface to memcached...
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    wordpress directory not writable by server

    Hi, How exactly are you trying to install wordpress? could you please share the permissions of the installation directory and the PHP handler on the server?
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    SSL for cPanel/WHM not working

    Hello Addam, This thread might help you .
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    two servers, want to migrate one to the other. Did a backup, but where is the data?

    From your description, I could not find where exactly you went wrong. You can find the detailed steps here: - Links Removed -
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    Alias domain unregistered don't work

    Check the Tweak settings and make sure that you are allowed to add unregistered domains in the server. Tweak Settings
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    Excessive resource usage: (14959 (Parent PID:14880)) ????

    The only security risk involved is that you will not get alerts even if the processes are causing any problems. Adding the processes in csf.pignore alone, will not make your server vulnerable. Just make sure that you know what you are doing. :)
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    Cannot stop user accounts from spamming and cannot limit scripts from emailing.

    Worth a read : How to: Prevent Email Abuse
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    transfering accout server to server

    You read about different methods of migration, in the below URL: Migration - Veeble KnowledgeBase Please go through the article and let me know if you still have any doubts.
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    Web Hosts offering unlimited domains

    The term "unlimited" is to be used judiciously. It is common to restrict an "unlimited" plan with a bunch of terms and conditions (usually written in tiny letters and at the bottom of the page, not very visible ;) ). However, in a sense such terms and conditions are inevitable. In a broad...
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    Hostname A record warning e-mail

    Not sure why you add A entry for 2 IP addresses. Check the primary IP address of the server and add A entry for that IP only. Check and confirm that the zone file contains the correct DNS records. [/var/named/hostname.db].
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    how to set up a sub-domain

    Please use the search button in the left side of your panel. If you don't find the button in the panel, your host must have disabled it.
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    lite speed

    Litespeed is an efficient web server having very less memory footprint. If the memory usage of Apache processes is high, and the problem is due to dynamic contents, you can go for LiteSpeed server. When you use it, it is better to use the LiteSpeed API for php. It's performance is almost double...
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    lite speed

    Yes, LiteSpeed should help to increase the site speed.
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    500 Internal Server Error

    Change the ownership of the file to "simpeg" and this should fix the problem.
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    Hostname A record warning e-mail

    That is not a big problem. Most probably, you received this alert because, there was a mismatch in IP address configured for hostname in DNS and in file /etc/hosts. Check the results of the following two commands: # ping -c 1 hostname # dig +short hostname @localhost If the dig command...
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    A record

    I assume that you have an incorrect DNS setting. You can check whether your DNS is correct in this site . The below URL will help you with editing the DNS records. Edit DNS Zone
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    Default Storage Engine

    Sure! Will do that next time. Thanks for pointing out. Hope it helped the needy.
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    no immediate delivery: load average xx

    You can set the exim retry time. See the below URLs: Exim Specification - 33. Retry configuration 32. Retry configuration Also check the number of mails in the queue. # exim -bpc
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    Is my Server Compromised? - Bash Script loaded through PHP in TMP

    You may do the following: 1. Use a scanner and make sure no malicious files are present. 2. Check the /etc/passwd file and confirm that there are no suspicious users - many scripts do this. 3. Change the root password and reboot the server. This should help.
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    Default Storage Engine

    Some facts you may need to consider before changing the storage engine: 1. InnoDB has many more features and is a bit more complicated than MyISAM. As such, InnoDB uses more system resources (such as RAM) than MyISAM. 2. InnoDB is better for write-intensive websites, those sites that heavily...