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    DNS problem or something else?

    zone files are messed up Do you have any script which can update the A record in the zone file as per httpd.conf IP ... as my zone files are messed up its showing MAIN IP of the server.... Please its verrrrrry urgent
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    apache status

    The entry is there but still i get the same error messsage... please help... i tried upcp --force ... /usr/local/apache/error_log shows : [Thu May 29 22:56:24 2008] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use...
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    Script to add wildcard for 100 domain

    I think there are no good programmers here :-) Guys I need some help .... Thanks
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    Script to add wildcard for 100 domain

    Thanks wsenter, Ok, we need to open the file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file and the search for the domain which is present in /etc/domain.txt , after finding the virtual host entry for that domain, we need to go to ServAlias section and then append the word *.domainname and then same goes...
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    Script to add wildcard for 100 domain

    Hi, Can n e 1 help me. The details for the issue is as follows: I have a file which contains 100 domains : and then I need to add a line for the wild characters for each domain in the file httpd.conf and named.conf In httpd.conf I want to append a line next to ServerAlias (...
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    Script to add wildcard for 100 domain

    Hello, I want to add wildcard entry for my 100 domains, to do it manually is a very tedious job. like make change in httpd.conf and named.conf , so can you suggest me some script which will add the entries in both the files ... Please help me soon , as you guys are genius :) Its Veryyy...