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    Moved addon domain to another cPanel account. Now SSL does not work

    hello, i had a domain name as an addon domain one cpanel account 1 from hosting company 1. after two weeks, i decided to move the domain to another cpanel account 2 with hosting company 2. i deleted the addon domain from cpanel 1 before i added the domain as an addon domain to cpanel 2. ssl was...
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    SOLVED Add Users to Sudoers File

    I think the answer provided for the thread topic is a bit different? I actually want to do exactly as the topic says: I want to add a cpanel user (test) to the sudoers file. Such that user "test" can do what root can do by prepending sudo to all commands. thanks
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    PHP Module - SOAP

    Thanks for the quick reply. When I logged into whm, it shows that php-soap is already installed? Please see attached screenshot. Thanks.
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    PHP Module - SOAP

    Hello, I am new here. Thanks for all your help via this forum. I think I may have a related issue with my cpanel setup. I have 2 websites each on a separate server with separate cpanel/whm. Both websites are running the exact same code/script. One website (the one that is working as expected)...