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    I need someone help!!!!

    Read your log file! /var/log/messages will contain the error messages from bind when it fails to restart. It will even report the line numbers in /etc/named.conf it's having problems with so all you have to do is fix the line(s) in question. In my case, it was a matter of improperly placed...
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    Blue Lagoon now has X theme????

    Ditto! Support Ticket Number:
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    Access SPAM box

    Well, it's not happening in my neck of the woods. The only 'spam' boxes I see are the ones I created. :( Support Ticket Number:
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    Access SPAM box

    Looks like cPanel doesn't generate this mailbox automatically when you enable the Spam Box. So I just logged in to Horde webmail and created a mailbox called 'spam' and mail started flowing into it. I think all the spam piles up in the mail queue until this mailbox is created.
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    chkservd restarts Apache every 10 minutes

    Are you sure this is what's causing your problem? Check your logs to make sure it's a "graceful restart" (SIGUSR1). If so, it shouldn't be hurting anything because a graceful restart does not drop connections but simply allows Apache to close/reopen the logs and run a configtest -- it's not a...
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    reseller 's packages question

    Isn't that how WHM names the packages anyway? In my case, everybody can see fatbob_plana unless I specifically restrict a reseller's access to just his own plans.
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    reseller 's packages question

    You won't find much in response to this problem, but you can see my workaround here: I also submitted a bug/whatever report as well.
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    Apache 2.0

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    Apache 2.0

    If you upgraded only PHP and config'ed it yourself, there's no telling what might have gone wrong. Easiest thing to do at this point is download buildapache.sea from layer1 to bring the whole mess to a known state.
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    Apache 2.0

    Look again in php.ini for the variable include_path. Should not be set to anything; that is: include_path = Restart Apache so the change takes effect.
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    Really strange problem

    I know one thing you must do is edit the zone file of the new host name so that it resolves to the main IP of the server.
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    PHP Guru / Developer

    Do you need help with anything specific? Do you already know how to code? There are sooo many resources on the 'Net for learning PHP.
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    Resellers can view ALL packages

    Well, I originally didn't think I had this problem but later learned otherwise. The problem doesn't strike me as one of permissions, but I've been wrong before. If you'd like to play along at home, here are the privileges I enabled for the resellers: Add/Remove Packages Account Creation...
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    Resellers can view ALL packages

    Thanks for the links, Elena. I haven't been able to find on the site the link to view bug reports. Now that I've been able to look through bugzilla, it appears no one has reported this although there has been some discussion in the forums. I'll submit it.
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    Resellers can view ALL packages

    The silence is deafening.
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    Resellers can view ALL packages

    There have been a couple posts about this, but no announced solution or workaround. I didn't think I had this problem, but now I see why: 1. When I set up a reseller and restrict account creation by resource usage, the reseller can see only his/her packages. 2. When I set up a reseller and...
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    Created name-based account, how do I convert it to IP-based?

    This pretty much covers it:
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    Missing images in mailonly theme

    Yep, me too. I think I logged this in Bugzilla. I fixed this temporarily on the box I needed it working for, but the updates kept overwriting the theme directory. Probably should make it read only until the problem is fixed. There is no images directory for the mailonly theme, so you need...
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    Reseller Resource Limiting

    Any new info about this?
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    Help - Unparked domain, now email is broken

    Fixed with 4.7.0-56 :)