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    recent update seems to have caused memory usage - server slow down

    i have noticed the same would be interested to find a solution also. Thanks in advance, Vincent -
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    cPanel 11 Upgrade checklist

    ok well to answer my own question ... I logged out of WHM and logged in again and now working! AMEN
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    cPanel 11 Upgrade checklist

    i just logged in to WHM to find it was hosed in the release branch, oldly enough I thought I had it set to manual updates only! Anyhow, upgraded perl and forced an update with upcp --force and things continue to be severely impaired. I am running RHES4 on a Dual XEON ... Any ideas anyone?
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    Serious cPanel issue - Changing username = errors

    was this resolved? I might well have to make use fo this myself :(
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    default user email problems

    exim -bt [email protected] [email protected] [~]# exim -bt [email protected] [email protected] <-- [email protected] router = virtual_user, transport = virtual_userdelivery
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    default user email problems

    addendum In addition I did a reset of the exim config to change back tot he default settings. Again this made little difference. Vincent -
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    default user email problems

    for reasons beyond my control I am currently trying to wrestle with issues regarding the default email on a users account. the username for the account is [email protected], but when I try to send emails to it, they end up in the emailbox that I set up for the catch all process...
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    WHM always pushing /webmail /cpanel etc to hostname?

    this was never the case before? was this changed just to avoid the nasty error message you get in the browser?
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    cpanel redirects to hosting server?

    making changes makes no difference. I had this problem last time my another server upgraded to 11 :( Alas I don;t recall the solution .
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    annoying WHM problem

    as yet the only fix i found was to switch off the force users to SSL port, which isn't exactly useful ... but shall sufffice till a proper fix comes.
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    annoying WHM problem

    looks liek i also have to join the queue. switching the thing off and on doesn't work however many times you do it :(
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    Which account owns this domain?

    jayh38 Thanks for the list, but i am hitting the same issue time and time again cpanel says the domain is owned by somone else and whm says a DNS entry exists even after I have deleted them all, unparked them and even removed every entry in the list you give. Any other ideas would be...
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    Parked domain removal error

    I am trying to move an add-on domain from one account to another and seem to be having no luck: I have deleted the DNS zone and tried to repark, but i get the error: Sorry a dns entry for already exists. in WHM and when i do the same under the new account in cpanel as a...
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    Server crashing on ftp?

    is anyone here using APF? That is experiencing this problem? has switching it off and testing resulted in a total clear up?
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    Server crashing on ftp?

    I think I am experiencing a similar issue and always seems to be around periods of intense FTP activity ... one machine just started doing it after working fine for 2 years with few changes, and the second machine is brand new. If i find anything I will post here. Best, V -
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    Multi-account transfer failing

    alphanumeric only it is!
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    Backup Mailserver Questions

    this is the way i have all three of my backup mx servers working :)
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    Migration from Plesk

    try using an alphanumeric password on the source box
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    Multiple Account transfer not working

    ok well thx go to APC1 on the sshcmdpermissiondeny issue you need to change the password on the source box to be ALPHANUMERIC only ... or atleast avoid special characters. Why this fails only ont he second stage who knows!!!!
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    Multi-account transfer failing

    Hi there. On which machine did you reset the password? also are you saying that it needs to be a password that is only alphanumeric? Ok well I suppose it is time to investigate, will post answert to a few of these related threads ;)