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    Totally OT from a support standpoint (PING: Nick)

    I can\'t complain when Cpanel / WHM seems to be updated at least once a day. Is it going to be updated and updated until it finally turns into NOCsoft? Anyway, GJ DarkORB.
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    Anyone else having errors with phpmyadmin in version 4.4.0-STABLE_22 ?
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    Shared IP problem

    Accounts setup on our shared IP all display \'welcome to your new server\' when access via domain / ip, even when the sites have been uploaded. the Cpanel3-skel dir is empty, so any suggestions?
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    SSL brings apache down

    no RSA or DSA server certificate found?! You have to perform a *full* server restart when you added or removed a certificate and/or key file rebooting doesn\'t work...
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    SSL brings apache down

    Yeah I\'m using the right .key and crt files, but still no luck. Some kind of mod_ssl configuration problem....?
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    SSL brings apache down

    When installing an ssl cert on one machine, it brings apache down, and i had to remove it to get apache back up... it works on another server, just not the one in question.... any suggestions?
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    /core taking over 3GB of space

    WHM will take a while to update, and recognise space usage is not at 83%...
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    Resellers & IPs

    Is it possible to make accounts that resellers setup share the reseller\'s IP? eg., if you give the reseller a dedicated IP address with their account, can all accounts created by that reseller use the same IP as the reseller\'s? Regards Matt
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    Proftpd / WHM

    After a server reboot, WHM states proftpd has failed, and using the WHM option to restart is still states that it has failed. Yet, proftpd works fine in usage, WHM just states it has failed...even though it has not. Any suggestions? Regards Matt
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    Bandmin not recording transfer

    problem sorted [Edited on 12/28/01 by [email protected]]
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    Reseller ip address for dns server

    You need to reserve 2 IP\'s - 1 for each nameserver, and then register these as the corresponding IP\'s for the nameservers at the registraar.