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    Custom configuration for website in httpd.conf

    Copy and paste the entire vhost entry in the following file: /usr/local/apache/conf/includes/pre_virtualhost_global.conf or here in WHM: WHM>>Apache Configuration>>Include editor>>Pre Virtualhost Include>>All versions Restart apache if you add it directly to...
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    Server Overload Question

    When the problem has been identified, there is little server administrators can do to help you. The theme is clearly the issue here. Find a new one! From the CPU numbers in the top command you have provided, it is time to move on from this theme.
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    Delete account from command line

    Definitely looks to be missing on CentOS 7 servers. I have checked a handful. Any testing CentOS 7 servers on your end you could check this on? CT-23156-bash-4.2# cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) CT-23156-bash-4.2# /usr/local/cpanel/cpanel -V 54.0 (build 16)...
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    Delete account from command line

    Hi, What is the new command to terminate accounts? Before, /scripts/killacct used to work. This is no longer available on new versions.
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    Sender Verify Failed with PHP Mail Function Via Cron or SSH

    Does resolve to an IP?
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    Imap failure notices on many servers after upgrade

    Yes, this issue started popping up after the cPanel upgrade to 11.50. It's happening on multiple VPS servers and is not an isolated issue. Anyone from cPanel have any insight on this?
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    New WHM Back-ups Hung

    Have you attempted to manually package the account to see if the hang occurs? Run: /scripts/pkgacct <cpanelusername>
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    Imap failure notices on many servers after upgrade

    Chkservd is reporting imap failures with the following: Service Name imap Service Status failed Notification The service “imap” appears to be down. Service Check Method The system failed to connect to this service’s TCP/IP port. Reason TCP Transaction Log: << * OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1...
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    modify default html landing dir

    You need to either change the document root of the account or simply move the files up one directory. To change the document root from /home/<cpaneluser>/public_html to /home/<cpaneluser>/public_html/cm, follow these steps...
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    SOLVED [CPANEL-20425] DKIM for main server hostname

    Thanks. Although if you need a DKIM record set up for your hostname then you are likely doing things wrong. It is likely a PHP mail sending script that is sending as user or [email protected] Enable SMTP authentication instead for your mail sending script. If you are running WordPress...
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    SOLVED [CPANEL-20425] DKIM for main server hostname

    Wont simply adding a TXT entry in WHM>>Edit DNS Zone (granted you are using your own private nameservers) for the hostname subdomain create a DKIM record for it? So essentially, you would go to the DNS zone file for and create the following: hostname TXT "<dkim record>" Please...
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    Cannot get or send mail using domain that is on the root account

    Are you having trouble sending from to Is mail for supposed to be hosted on the same server that the website is hosted on? This is a common problem where, when a new account is added to a server, email is still hosted elsewhere. Any email...
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    FastCGI vs other options - got to work with APC

    That setting is too high for 1 GB of guaranteed RAM. Are you getting the 'pool memory errors' often on the site? Try the switch to eAccelerator for a few days and see how it goes.
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    FastCGI vs other options - got to work with APC

    Increase the following apc memory limit in php.ini: extension="" apc.enabled=1 apc.shm_segments=1 apc.shm_size=32M <--------- increase to higher number I also suggest running eAccelerator instead of APC if memory is an issue on the server. eAccelerator can also be installed via...
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    Mail Intergration with other MAil provider

    You can configure your domain,, to use gmail as a mail client much like you would do with something like Outlook. You can find instructions on how to set this up on the Google support site. I think this is what you are looking to accomplish. Besides this, you can have Google itself host...
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    phpmailer and hotmail delivery problem

    From the logs, the mail is successfully being sent to Hotmail. Are you getting any bounce-back messages at all? I not, only Hotmail can answer what is happening as ruzbehraja mentions above.
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    VPS crash due to memory limit- how to know for sure?

    A VPS running out of memory causes a hard crash. I don't think your hosting company is lying to you. Tell them to give you the output of the following: /usr/local/bin/vpsstat See how many memory failures show up in that report. I know that command works on Virtuozzo. Not sure about VMWare. :/
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    Don't redirect from ( to (

    Look in your .htaccess file. You have a rewrite rule set up somewhere. Disable the rewrite rule.
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    cpanellogd - updating bandwidth for *username*

    That is your bandwidth being processed. To change settings go here: WHM>>Statistics Software Configuration Change the frequency from every 2 hours to something higher. You can also set the hours that you do not want stats to run.
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    Able To Recieve Emails, Not Receive VPS

    Glad you were able to fix the problem. As for the emails you are receiving, I am not certain about this but you may be able to fix it by going here: WHM>>Basic cPanel & WHM Setup Under the Basic Config section there is an option to set the type of ethernet device. In the 'other' box type in...