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    Enable SSL from command line

    I think I figured it out.. seems possible using whm api function to cretate a php script to do that
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    Enable SSL from command line

    is it possible to enable a SSL certificate for a domain in cpanel using command line script? For example, if I execute like below addsslcertificate cert.crt cert.key cabundle.crt it will configure the certificate for the domain. Is there any existing scripts?
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    cPhulk blocking

    Today, I couldn't login to my server using SSH and WHM. I had to disable cphulk from rescue mode in order to get the access back. On checking the cphulk report, I could see that is blocked. See screenshot attached. Why is blocked?
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    Keep needing to restart HHTP Server (Apache)

    Did you check the error_log of apache server? There should be errors reported in it which can give some clue.
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    Sites with ioncube not working

    Did you make any changes recently in PHP, like adding any new PHP module esp encoders/caching systems?
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    Sites Loading Slowly

    Few sites might be having too many accesses. In order to track the domain that are having most accessses, go to whm > Apache status to see the http requests that are served.
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    Domain name resolution issue

    The domain name is not gettting resolved using the nameservers. I guess the dns zone is not properly configured in the DNS servers.
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    Server domains down, cannot access WHM/Cpanel, Server running?

    Sounds like a dns trouble. Are you connecting to whm/cpanel using server hostname ( or a domain name )? Are you able to connect using http://IPADDRESS:2086 or http://IPADDRESS:2082?
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    Spam Assassin error logged when running cron task: /usr/lib/sa/sa2 -A

    This has nothing to do with spam assassin or cPanel. sar is System Activity Report and comes with package sysstat.
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    Copied Accounts displaying Old Server IP

    How did you copy the accounts to the new server? Did you try changing the IP address of account from WHM > Change site ip address.
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    Ask about trash file in mail

    If you remove files ( messages ) in trash folder, those messages will get removed from trash folder only. Contents in other folders will not be affected.
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    Fatal error after migration

    I guess mb_convert_case comes with mbstring module. Is this module enabled in your PHP?
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    mySQL upgrade

    Do you see any errors in mysql logs or during starting of mysql service? A close look at it will help to correct the issue. A mysql upgrade should not cause any problems.
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    Restore Backup

    It can be done using /scripts/restorepkg. Or provide the backup to the hosting support.
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    Client Cpanel and WHM Cpanel problems

    This will be tricky if you use nat with cpanel. Not sure if cpanel will work 100% right in NAT. The nameservers should be set with public ip anyway.
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    Animated Redirect Page Help

    Custom css and js will work in it. It should definitely be a problem with path. Is there any 404 errors in access log?
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    Question on ImageMagick for cPanel 11.40

    Yes, it should work.
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    ProFTPD - can't create new files in FTP?

    What error do you get when creating files? Looks weird. Did you login to the server using SSH and confirmed this? What is the result of "ls -al" in that directory?
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    Change Apache with Nginx ?

    Nginx is a good solution for a server when static pages are mostly served. It will improve performance. If you do not have much technical knowledge to deal with the installation and troubleshooting, it will better to look at some of the nginx plugin available for cPanel.
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    NameServers using redundant registar DNS - Is possible?

    If you want to register only the nameservers with IP like -> -> Then, it needs to be done only at the registrar. It is explained at How to Register Private Nameservers If you use two dns servers, one for NS1 and another for NS2...