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    PHP 5 option greyed out in EA3

    I have a curious problem that I have not seen before. The server in question has had PHP 4 installed on it for some time. Today I wanted to add PHP 5 to the server as an option. Running /scripts/easyapache I was surprised to find the PHP 5 option greyed out. It would only allow me to select...
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    Licensing server problems?

    Resolved Thanks, Chirpy. These were servers originally provisioned under EV1. It looks as of a short while ago the licenses have been updated resolving the issue. So if others out there were impacted, progress is apparently being made. :)
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    Licensing server problems?

    A couple of servers provisioned through The Planet are suddenly showing expired licenses. /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt does not correct the issue and returns the following: The exact message was: The license is expired. (! If I type in the servers' main IPs at the verify...
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    IMAP login problem only for new email accounts

    Replacing the missing /etc/vmail entries has fixed the problem. The solution was to run a modified version of /scripts/updateuserdomains which was corrected to run the /etc/vmail updates regardless of whether maildir is or is not active. Time to report this to cPanel :)
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    IMAP login problem only for new email accounts

    Posting what I am finding just in case it is helpful to anyone else: Seems /scripts/resetimappasswds should do the trick but it doesn't for 2 reasons: 1. Its rm -f /etc/vmail/* can't handle the number of entries in the directory. Shouldn't be a show stopper though/ 2. It calls...
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    IMAP login problem only for new email accounts

    I may have stumbled onto something. I was doing a 'strings' search of imapd to see what file paths it might be using to find things and noticed it looks in /etc/vmail for information. Well since upgrading, no entries have been added to /etc/vmail when a new account is created. Are the...
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    IMAP login problem only for new email accounts

    I have a server which has been in operation for a couple of years. I am noticing with email accounts added since upgrading from 10.x to 11.10.0-R16448 this past week that these new email accounts are all receiving login failures on IMAP only. These login failures apply only to any email...
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    Old Master/Slave DNS edit bug question

    I know that the old cPanel master/slave DNS configuration has been replaced by clustering, but I have just assumed control of a set of cPanel servers which are still using the old master slave. Question: Any of you cPanel veterans familiar with a bug that would explain the following...
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    Internal Error in cPanel error_log

    In the course of investigating why the x2 theme is taking long to load when using the reseller login, I stumbled across the following recurring error in the /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log Anyone have any idea what this error is indicative of? The cPanel does load despite this error...
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    Default language not working?

    It appears that the cPanel for accounts using the default language (English) are no longer displaying correctly. All text taken from language files is showing up blank in the browser. The English language file is intact in /usr/local/cpanel/lang The accounts in question are using the x or...
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    Edit DNS Zone / Carp Error

    Running WHM 10.6.0, and I can not get features such as Edit DNS Zone to function. Nothing happens when that option is clicked. Examining /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log shows this error every time I try the Edit DNS Zone option... perl -v reports: v5.8.0 Any clues on how to resolve...
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    Copy account with password bug when using 2 drives?

    I have used this feature successfully many times in the past, but since adding an additional drive to the server, /home2, the "Copy an account from another server with account password" feature seems to get confused. The 'cpmove' file is being downloaded from the remote server, locally to...
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    cpbackup changes permissions to user.user just on homedir

    I don't have a reported fix but I will confirm the same problem. We've been getting lots of reports from users since upgrading yesterday wondering where all their disk space went. The homedirs in the incremental backups are the culprit.
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    IP problems creating subdomains based on a domain hosted elsewhere

    Maybe a unique situation but I need to know if anyone has experienced this and can provide an end-user solution. Problem: - Main zone for domain points to a remoted hosted IP address. Main zone is defined in the local DNS - Any locally hosted subdomains or add on domains created all...
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    "limit bandwidth usage" Edit the limits of the wrong site!

    Agreed.... The problem is not solved!
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    "limit bandwidth usage" Edit the limits of the wrong site!

    Just had this happen today also. I don't know why it is happening or how to correct this improper behavior. In my case out of several accounts under a reseller, no matter which account you tried to modify the bandwidth limit for through the reseller's WHM, the last account always got...
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    Wierd quota anomoly

    I just want to clarify something. It sounds like we are talking about 2 similar problems. :) The problem I was remarking on was the one where a customer creates an account and before they even use it, it says they are using sometimes like 62 MB of disk space already. That particular...
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    Wierd quota anomoly

    The basic problem lies in the fact that the UIDs of several 3rd party autoinstaller scripts included with some themes and their components still reflect file ownerships set from the system they were developed on. In other words, some of these UIDs in the low 500 range for example, will...