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  1. Leandro

    Remote MySQL Password Error when password is correct

    The same here. The remote mysql is a full box, and the client is a vz virtual machine. Any idea? Thanks!
  2. Leandro

    Horde read eMail fails (except english)

    same herer !
  3. Leandro

    Cpanel on Centos 5?

    I have problems on Webmails (spanish lang) / Mailman / CronJobs... Any idea?
  4. Leandro

    Unable to create mailing list, cpanel 11

    cpanel 11 with centos 5 is not working properly... cpanle have any solution ???
  5. Leandro

    Password Protection Directory Issues

    Same here! Im having the same problem, but when i try to enter via the tempral URL the protect works fine!, example http://IP.IP.IP.IP/~username/directory/ but via domain doesnt work! any ideas? Regards!
  6. Leandro

    Cpanel 11.1.0 Lenguaje Español

    Alguno sabe donde se puede conseguir una traducción total de esta nueva versión? :confused:
  7. Leandro

    Addon domains disapeared

    the same problem here...
  8. Leandro

    Corrupt PostNuke Script?

    Same Thing I received a message about the script can't connect to the DB i tried a upcp but nothing Cheers!
  9. Leandro

    Two versions of PHP ??

    Hi, i have a big doubt , if a i do a php -v in the shell i received: [email protected] [/]# php -v PHP 4.4.2 (cli) (built: Jun 23 2006 14:47:23) Copyright (c) 1997-2006 The PHP Group Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2004 Zend Technologies with Zend Extension Manager v1.0.10, Copyright...
  10. Leandro

    disabling ftp access for an account without disabling account

    But if you block the 21 port , no one can connect the FTP server, and theard is for a specific user. :rolleyes: Cheers!
  11. Leandro

    disabling ftp access for an account without disabling account

    If you are using pure-ftp add the username into the /etc/ftpusers doesnt work... To disable the access via FTP for an user remove the file /etc/proftpd/<user> (first backup it obviusly) works for me, using pure-ftp Cheers!
  12. Leandro

    CPanel and DNS Zone Files

    Disable DNS Funcions Hi im trying to give a root WHM and root access of one of my customers, but i dont want he have the DNSs funcions, exactly like a dedicated server but without the DNSs funcions Are there a way? Thanks a lot! :D
  13. Leandro

    postgre database not showing on cpanel

    The error continue Are any secure way to configure the pg_hba.conf because if use the password login like: local all postgre trust local all all md5 host all all md5 The result is: test Warning: pg_connect(): Unable to...
  14. Leandro

    Enable /home/virtfs

    Hi im trying to give to my users the jailshell acess, but they cant login because the /home/virtfs doesnt exist , in my Tweak Settings the option "Use jailshell as the default shell for all new accounts and modified accounts" is on... I need to create de directory manually? and then give them...
  15. Leandro

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 4

    Ok, thanks, but the problem was solved. The error was realperlinstall hung with 99% CPU at cPanel DNSONLY install o upcp --force The solution was: #1 run again /scripts/upcp --force #2 when process realperlinstall hungs, kill it kill -9 [nro] #3 run manually /usr/bin/perl...
  16. Leandro

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 4

    I have errors installin dnsonly on Centos 4, can you tell me the fix ?
  17. Leandro

    crazy mysql overload

    I have the same problem in two diferentt servers, Top Process %CPU 99.9 /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir/ --datadir/var/lib/mysql --usermysql --pid-file/var/lib/mysql/ --skip-locking Top Process %CPU 99.0 /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir/ --datadir/var/lib/mysql --usermysql...
  18. Leandro

    Installation NEVER WORKS! Problems

    right forlinuxsupport, I have a MySql problem too... when finish the cPanel installation MySql4.0.26-standard didn't work... if you upgrade the MySql version to 4.1 through whm works, but I have lot of servers with 4.0 and I want to keep it... I'm working with CentOS 4 for my first time...
  19. Leandro

    Installation NEVER WORKS! Problems

    no chirpy, the file wasn't replaced by the /scripts/upcp but Harryhood is right copying the file from anohter server works fine... the weird is that in 6 CentOS 4 servers the chkservd failes... I think is some cPanel problem...
  20. Leandro

    Installation NEVER WORKS! Problems

    The same here, any idea ?