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    Please help with email issue

    Thanks for explaining that. I have wondered why CPanel required the full email address as the email username. Now I know what to tell my customers! :)
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    Update CPanel -- Now CGI Shows Blank Page

    I upgraded CPanel through web host manager and now all cgi scripts (.cgi and .pl) show a blank page when run. I ran the backend scripts update, server software update and system software update. Now, there isjust a blank page when a script is executed. No error, no 500 error or anything, just...
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    Thanks. I\'ll give that a try.
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    Exim Logs-- What is this?

    It seems Exim and sendmail are plagued with errors. I have been monitoring logs, and found a ton of entries like this one... == [email protected] T=remote_smtp defer (-44): retry time not reached for any host 2 What does smtp_defer mean? What about retry time not reached...
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    RPM\'s Gone Bad

    Having the same exact problem. Did you guys ever get assistance with this?
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    Moving from Alabanza to Cpanel/NOCSoft

    I cannot answer your questions directly. However, I will let you know that I used to be with Alabanza. The fact that they charge per each control panel is a farce! As soon as they implemented that, we moved all 1500 web sites to Cobalt RaQ servers. We then migrated to CPanel. I will tell...
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    Mailman problems

    I do not have the line receiver_verify_hosts When I view /etc/exim.conf. I get \"Pattern Not Found\".
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    Receiving POP email is delayed for hours

    DNS lookup indicates the dns is fine. There is nothing in the exim log to indicate a problem concerning the email being undelivered. Email is \"simply\" not being delivered and there is not an indication in the logs as to why. My question to you, Annette, is why should we have to unfreeze...
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    Where to get support?

    I believe you are supposed to seek support from the vendor to whom you pay your monthly fee to. They are supposed to answer your support questions. I\'ve also heard that some vendors are better than others when it comes to support. Evidently, support is a major issue with this product.
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    Netscape and Email: Username/Password MisMatch

    Thank you tons! The fix you suggested worked perfectly. I appreciate it a bunch. Bill
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    Where is php.ini?

    Just create a PHP page with the .php extension and include the following. Replace \"[email protected]\" with the email address you want the test email to come to. Load the page to any web directory on the server that is accessable by IP or Domain, and then call it in your browser. If your...
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    Mailman problems

    Mailman has been nothing but trouble for us in the last 4 weeks. Our users complain their posts are not going through. I have no offer as a fix. I haven\'t a clue. I have checked error logs, deleted and readded lists, check list settings, etc. <rant> I believe DarkOrb should fix...
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    Netscape and Email: Username/Password MisMatch

    I have had 2 netscape users complain that they are getting the following error when checking their email. Error: Username/Password Mismatch The problem is not an incorrect password or username, both are correct. The problem is also not involving the case sensitive state of the letters...
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    Receiving POP email is delayed for hours

    Over a month and no replies. Some things we Cpanel customers have to jsut figure out on our own.
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    Interchange - Undefined catalog: /~xxxxx/cgi-bin/cart.cgi

    Thanks, I\'ll give it a whirl.
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    Interchange - product image upload error

    I had this problem and the reason why is that the owner of the directory which the customer was uploading to was an incorrect owner. I then ran a chown command to correct it.. chown -R username.username directoryname This solved the problem. I have no idea how the directory got wrong...
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    Interchange - Undefined catalog: /~xxxxx/cgi-bin/cart.cgi

    A client on the server, using Interchange, gets the following error in their web browser when viewing the cart Undefined catalog: /~xxxxx/cgi-bin/cart.cgi (the \'x\' is in place of their username) /scripts/fixinterchange does not correct the problem. If you have knowledge about this...
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    mail() is not supported in this PHP build

    I write PHP scripts like mad. However, I\'ve never compiled or recompiled PHP. I\'ve always used RPMs.
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    FormMail and Cpanel don\'t mix. We\'ve had constant problems with this. The form appears to work, but emails are not sent. I\'ve resorted to telling the customers that formmail will not work on our servers. That always makes our customers very happy to hear that.