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    cPanel DNS Only multiple WHM

    Also noticed on NS1 there is a process called "atd" eating up over 40% of my CPU usage.
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    cPanel DNS Only multiple WHM

    Thanks! However I found something weird with my setup. I noticed today that the primary NS1 was utilizing over 5GB of Storage compared to the other 3 nameservers which only utilize 2.7GB. Please let me know why the primary is utilizing an abnormal amount compared to the other. The servers only...
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    cPanel DNS Only multiple WHM

    Hi, we have 4 cpanel dnsonly servers setup around different datacenters around the world. However I'm bringing in another WHM server. Is it possible to use the same setup? For example server 1 --ns1 --ns2 --ns3 --ns4 --ns1 --ns2 --ns3 --ns4...
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    Restoring backups on a remote server

    Also I noticed on my server that it utilizes 100% of my storage. Since I'm on SSDs storage space is valuable. For example I run a backup, and I have 80GB of data on all the accounts, but the disk size is only 120GB. The backup will make the duplicates so it basically increases my disk usage to...
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    Restoring backups on a remote server

    My server is configured to use the new backup system, and that backup system makes daily backups and SFTP's it to my offsite backup server. I do not keep backups on the server itself. My question is when I want to restore an account does it automatically connect to the backup server, and...
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    PCI Compliance RC4

    For you that are PCI Certified what Ciphers do you use for cpanel? When I do a qualys security audit on my server I get a RC4 Problematic error. Please see - link removed -
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    cPanel downloading .ASPX files

    Hi, I have a problem with my cpanel setup. Everytime I visit a .aspx file on my webserver it prompts me to download it. I don't understand as I have added this to my .htaccess <FilesMatch "\.aspx$"> AddType application/x-httpd-php .aspx </FilesMatch> IndexIgnore *
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    Migrating to new server

    What's the proper way to migrate the entire WHM server to another server with WHM installed. Is it possible to copy every setting including SSL hosts to the new server? I mean every single setting.
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    WHM Host as subdomain

    Hi, is it possible to have the WHM hostname as a subdomain? Currently when you visit it goes to the Default Web Site Page. What I want to do is have it redirect to my homepage when people visit that domain.
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    Easiest way to do this

    This is want to do I currently have a subdomain within a cPanel account. which I had to edit the apache files because I have an EV SSL with the subdomain, and the primary domain. Since WHM doesnt allow 2 different SSL certificates on the same account, I had to make the...