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    Resource temporarily unavailable problem

    still getting those errors though... :(
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    Resource temporarily unavailable problem

    Thanks for the pointers found a couple of chunkies in domlog from departed hog users whom I have already persuaded to go elsewhere. zapped them and I'll check the error logs starting now to see if those errors stop happening. THANKS A BUNCH!
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    Resource temporarily unavailable problem

    on a related note I am getting this error a lot. If the culprit is some user written piece of junk I just say your program your problem, but as often as not seems to be the culprit is cpanel itself. Our server is heavily loaded. [Tue Nov 30 17:20:12 2004] [error] [client]...
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    Accounting.php issue

    I am going to try to be CRYSTAL CLEAR here about what I want to do, what I tried, and what happened because a lot of the posts on this topic are vague and hand wavy. like "Use Accounting.php" So pardon the verbosity. I want a PUBLIC webpage called lists.php that gives a list of just the...
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    Cpanel/Whm API

    that does not work at all 4 me.
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    Location of listaccts file?

    Same here Can't find it on mine either. What's up with that?