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    Unable to prune transport S3

    "Files are successfully transferred to S3." so the destination is validated.
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    Unable to prune transport S3

    WHM 60.0 (build 36) CENTOS 7.3 x86_64 virtuozzo Backing accounts to S3. Files are successfully transferred to S3. But getting this email error every time the backup runs: SUBJECT: Backup transport errors. BODY: Transport errors encountered. The system encountered errors during transport of...
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    Wildcard Parked Domains?

    I figured out a workaround, which requires editing apache files via shell. I basically did what I do on my local dev machine: add " ServerAlias * " to the VirtualHost block. I followed Step 1 on this page: Cpanel: Adding custom configuration to httpd.conf - Linux Sysadmin Blog
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    Wildcard Parked Domains?

    Can anyone help with this?
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    Wildcard Parked Domains?

    I'm on a VPS. I have a domain, and need to park other domains via wildcard: * I already park domains explicitly (e.g. ) via WHM but now I'll need to park many more and managing them is getting unwieldy. 1) I already have my...
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    Security Token Tweak setting missing? [case 71137,case 71669, case 71933, case 73073]

    They're on by default, but how do we disable them? The on/off toggle is not in Tweak Settings > Security anymore.
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    SFTP for ALL FTP accounts?

    FTP sub-accounts (cPanel --> FTP Accounts --> Create) According to a bunch of old posts, these sub-accounts cannot use SFTP. They can only use FTP. Plain-text FTP is susceptible to sniffing and is a security liability. (A few years ago my PC "caught" malware that sniffed my FTP...
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    Is PHP PublicAPI wrapper still valid?

    The SDK page ( cPanel & WHM's SDK ) links to a PublicAPI PHP wrapper: Does it still work? It hasn't been updated in 2 years, I'm sure the API has changed since then? The XML wrapper ( ) was updated 3 months...