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    getting the signature in spuirrel Mail to work properly

    Hi!, I'm trying to get the signature feature in Spurriel Mail to work properly, but when i click it, all that happens is a page reload. Any takes? Thanks!
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    squrriel Mail

    Is there a way to make Squirrel Mail or Neo Mail have a better display. Looks like a 2 year old who bearly knows how to use <tr><td> designed it, with no css, no styles, no id's, no classes, no button images, no slick designs to help boost the visual display. I noticed that there are options...
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    Email access

    Hello, I have a question about the email system through cpanel. I'm currently an adminstrator for one and able to create multiple email accounts and can easily view them from within cpanel. But what if I created an additional email account for someone else but me, and didn't want them to go...