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    PHP 5.0.5 not loading extensions

    Are you running Zend or any other program similar that creates a second copy of php.ini that may not have these changes?
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    apache errors

    Sometimes apache is unable to start due to the log file. If apache can not write to the log file it will not start. Check the log file for apache, also verify that your /var partition is not full. I have seen this occur. If you can check to make sure no log file even assosiated with apache...
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    Mysql Pro help needed.

    Thank you so much!
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    webmail problems after update cpanel

    First thing I would try is to run the mailbox fix in WHM. Alot of time the permissions on mailboxes get messed up.
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    I could SCREAM

    Are you able to view your site? We need to rule out problems first. First problem to rule out is if you are connectivity issues. Are you able to reach your server using a web browser?
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    Mysql Pro help needed.

    Hello, I am in urgent need of help. I have a customer who would like to run mysql pro binaries on a cpanel server. I am able to install the mysql rpms but any update I perform in WHM caused the mysql binaries version to be over written. Is there a way to disable the update of mysql in...
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    Apache update failing

    The fix for this problem as found out through Cpanel's commands used on my server. /scripts/updatenow kill %1 cd /var/cpanel/version/ rm /scripts/updatenow
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    Apache update failing

    I am getting alot of errors in WHM and when doing /scripts/upcp from command line. Below is the list of errors. WHM/CPANEL version: WHM 9.9.9 cPanel 9.9.9-S15 Please advise. Thanks,
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    phpmyadmin Problem

    How does one go about downgrading then upgrading?
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    phpmyadmin Problem

    Problem: When I go into phpmyadmin on any accounts it looks fine to start with. I can pull up a list of databases. After this I can pull up a single database and see the tables listed on the left side. But the instant I click on a table to pull it up phpmyadmin appears to stall. It shows...
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    DNS Clustering

    I was using a reseller login, turns out you need to be root.
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    DNS Clustering

    There is no enable option anywhere listed there to enable DNS Clustering. If I could find that I could get it setup. Thank you though for the reply.
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    DNS Clustering

    Before I get yelled at for asking the same questions again I would like to point out I have read the guide located Here and I can not find where I enable DNS clustering. If some one could guide me to it in version 9.9.X I would appreciate it. Thanks,
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    trick to get

    Something that might help you decide is shared SSL uses this and new clients sometimes use this to verify thier files are working before their domain name propigates.
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    Acount transfer Question

    Something I noticed as I was transfering an account from one server to another that happened to be about 1 GB large, it caused some problems for me that were easily fixed but prevented me from transfering the account. So I figured I would ask and see if my theory is true. When transfering...
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    Bogus Disk Usage critical message

    Try this tends to be the common cause, also check thier /tmp under thier /home/user directory, webstats programs cause alot of problems with large amounts of usage.
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    https not working

    Just got it fixed, you may want to check you log files for your ssl, mine was over 2 GB large. path to logs: /var/log
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    https not working

    Error when typing in command service httpd startssl is quoted below.
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    https not working

    I am getting the same error. I have tried the following. Rebuild apache restart apache restart httpssl none work. Please advise, Thank you
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    can't solve this problem..please help

    First off help me help you by giving me some more information, is this a 3rd party piece of software? If so which one? Also by modules I mean when you goto update apache in WHM you will see a list of modules indented. Make sure those match your previous server.