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    Is someone using DRDB and Cpanel?

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    Mirror accounts to a different server

    You can now have servers that do the same. We have designed clusters that mirror data across multiple servers and switchover traffic to other server in array when first server is down. This process does not involve any IP change or DNS propagation.
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    PM me, if you are looking for commercially tested cpanel servers with high availability.
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    Perl installer Image::Magick

    You're welcome :)
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    DNS solution

    You can try 4psa DNS manager.
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    apf firewall

    Need to be a bit careful with csf. If you accidentally run command 'iptables -F' on the server to flush firewall, it will lock your server out and it needs hard reboot.
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    Redundant e-mail with CPanel??

    We have designed failsafe cpanel clusters that mirror data in real-time across multiple servers and manage automatic failover in case of outage. You can use all mail addons and tools like Spamassasin and RBL lists and much more.
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    Server Stats

    If you have Virtuozzo based VPS, you can login to power panel at https://yourip:4643/
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    Correct Date and Time

    NTP is network time protocol. This synchronizes server time with remote time servers. More on NTP at
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    Http to Https Redirection

    Try the following code, it is working nicely on my site. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} RewriteRule www(.*){REQUEST_URI}
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    problem with apache after compile using /scritps/easyapache

    As said by mofachu, /etc/init.d/httpd start This is the good way to pinpoint errors with httpd.conf. If httpd is crashed and you're unable to find the configuration errors, you can try to restore the backups from /etc/httpd/conf/
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    CSF Bloqued my Sites (URGENT)

    Do you have apache process tracking enabled in csf?
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    Permanently Ban IP

    I'd suggest going for CSF. It has nice GUI and you can block the ips using command line as well as WHM.
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    pureftpd - 530 Login authentication failed

    Try this as root: /scripts/ftpup --force This should reinstall ftp server.
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    mod_sec rules (where to get the best version)

    Gotroot has the nice collection of mod_sec rules. I like the blacklisted IP database that prevents many attacks without blocking any script functions.
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    Perl installer Image::Magick

    You need to install ImageMagick binary from the source before using the Perl module Image::Magik You can download the binary from If you have yum, you can try this: yum install ImageMagick
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    Moving everything over to cPanel

    Are you looking to move all sites at once or move accounts one by one?
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    DNSONLY - what's the point?

    DNSOnly is the free alternative to DNS clustering and setting up nameservers. A sample would be if you have 6 hosting servers and 2 DNS servers, you can use DNSOnly for the nameservers to cut the licensing costs and yet have cpanel DNS cluster functions.
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    Cpanel And Yahoo Mail

    Add spf records for your domains, set RDNS and make sure your IP is not listed on spam database. This helps with mail delivery on yahoo and windows live.
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    FTP Problem

    All FTP accounts have delete permissions by-default. If you are unable to delete files using FTP, there must be ownership error.