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    get an Admin !!!

    Why are 99% of the questions here from people asking cpanel about non-cpanel related issues? Ftp logs, user questions, and tons of others are all OS and environment related...not cpanel! Cpanel while decent has created a world of wanna-be admins that would be lost if it weren't for an interface...
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    Copy Account: WebPanel to Cpanel 4

    ya, same problem here but no fix
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    subdomain problem

    What about those servers that arent running named, why would they have this problem?
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    how to turn off firewall?

    Better yet, Nick, is there a way to turn off those nightly emails from the server?
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    nightly updates

    How do we turn off the nightly update that emails me the log file? Its massive these days and I dont care to view it every night.
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    how about a one time fee?!

    I think Nick has been over this before. Darkorb only gets $35 of that $99 monthly fee. That means in a year they only get $420 of that $1188 a year. so for distributors to make money beyond one year your looking at several thousands of dollars. I think, now knowing that Darkorb only gets $35 of...
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    php in cpanel?

    things passed via port 2082 are running from the cpanel daemon not apache so php will not work there unless Darkorb found a way to make their cpanel daemon parse php.
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    php in cpanel?

    This really has nothing to do with cpanel, php is run using apache not cpanel.
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    Possible Pricing Policy Change

    right, cpanel is a commercial product and can you imagine the overhead on support and complaints from a free license. Do they get suport? Who installs it ? If they get no support then you still create a lot of argument. Are you going to have a person to scan all the non-commercial licenses...
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    Possible Pricing Policy Change

    And how would you define commercial ? Is a business site commercial, is a site that offers free hosting commercial, or is it specifically web hosting sites? What if your not a web host but you have cpanel and your host a few friends sites? What if one fo the friends sites sells a commercial...
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    I see what you mean, sometimes it is best to start over and given the amount of bugs that appear in cpanel that may be the best idea. I think we are all just very confused by this nocsoft talk which now is getting even more evasive. I mean if its never coming then just tell us that, I dont think...
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    Hey Nick, Can you tell me who are the programmers for Nocsoft or at least where I could reach one of them? I want to know more about it and what market or what plans they have for it. Appreciate it :)
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    Ah ok, that makes sense. I think everyone or at least myself was under the impression that DarkORB or at least yourself were part of the NocSOFT team or project. I think it was stated a long time back that NocSoft was the new cpanel recoded and so we assumed it was being done by the same folks...
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    Was the nocsoft forum moved or removed, just wondering in case I missed something.
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    suexec does not affect php at all, nor does it limit or control it.
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    CPanel Licence

    You should be thankful for the $99 fee, a year ago cpanel was $199 per mo per server .
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    New Server - Recommended Partitions

    you can always move the domlogs dir to /home/domlogs or /home/usr/domlogs or whatever, then create a link to them.