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    analog stats huge file size

    600+mb tmp file for Analog is HUGE! Especially when your BW is only 1gb or less. I thought mine at 33mb was huge when I was using about 1-2gb of BW. I got so annoyed I asked the host of that site what to do. He said just delete the whole folder (tmp/analog). At first I was reticent to do so...
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    Mailman/SuExec issues resolved?

    Maybe I missed something here, but there's been an issue with Mailman running on the same server as SuExec, and results in Mailman lists showing the server name rather than the domain name the list is under, and as far as I'd heard it was not resolved. However, noticed it working with the...
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    cinst.php XMB

    I'm not sure how this works via CPanel, but had just done a trial install of the new version of XMB(1.6- Magic Lantern), and had a few glitches in the process, but got it installed and configured eventually. One of the glitches was with cinst.php, so your post caught my eye! ;) Again, not...