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    Exim not sending fqdn as required

    Hello. I am having great difficulty setting the exim configuration in my setup to send the Fully Qualified Domain Name when the server connects to a remote host. Because it is not sending th FQDN but rather the IP address, my mail is being marked as spam when in fact it is not. A quick check...
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    Cannot get Exim's Advanced Editor to Accept Changes

    Hi Tristan and thank you for responding. That indeed has cleared up my confusion and I appreciate the information. Here is my continuing dilemma in regards to Cpanel and Exim - I have several VPSs on a hosting account, let's call them with IP address as 123.456.789.123 and...
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    Cannot get Exim's Advanced Editor to Accept Changes

    Hello. I am using WHM 11.30.5 build 2. Inside Exims Configuration Editor it states: "To use simply add new directives or modify current directives within the provided text boxes. Any options added to the first textbox will override the options provided in the default configuration...