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    Urgent help needed: can't transfer accounts via WHM or SSH

    Thanks for the response, but the problem were that ev1servers (where the source server were) had blocked the server IP of the destination server, As soon as they unblocked the IP transfer via both WHM and SSH worked again. John
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    Stats Stopped - January 14th

    It turned out that our stats log file was 2gb which is the max size set in cpanel. Where is that file located? John
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    Urgent help needed: can't transfer accounts via WHM or SSH

    I need to transfer some accounts to another server, but it doesn't work. I have no problems transferring accounts from the same source server to another destination server. When I choose the multiple account copy function in WHM the screen with 'Account List from' appears...
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    mySQL error 1030

    Thanks Chris - the tmp folder were full :) John
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    X fully language aware

    Hello, Is it still possible to download this file? I tried but the link is now dead - crossing my fingers ;) Thanks John
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    Is there any way to change language for x themes?

    I have a client who wants to translate the x2 and new bluelagoon theme into russian language. Cloning these themes in WHM the usuall way doesn't generate the usuall files to modify and translate. As for x2 only the tar.gz file only contains 3-4 files. Is there some way to get the full version...
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    Add Script to Cpanel

    Ask you provider to provide Fantastico, which auto-installs 16 scripts - John
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    Packages Dont appear in create new account list.

    Did you find a solution to this problem? I am having the same problem. John
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    phpopenbasectl and rsync error

    To others who might be searching for a solution to the same, this fixed the problem for me: "chattr -i /scripts/phpopenbasectl" John
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    Backups not taken for some accounts in WHM

    Backups are configured as they have allways been on this server, but today when I tried restoring a clients account to fix a problem I were surprised that no backup existed for this account on the server. This account has been on the server for more than one year. I discovered the same for a few...
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    phpopenbasectl and rsync error

    When stopping cpanel services via ssh several of them couldn't stop, but all started without any problem. I then changed to cpanels stable version (from the release version), and all services, except cPanel ssl services, started without any problems. To try and fix the ssl services problem I...
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    IPs got unbound - how to recover?

    Thanks. I'll try that the next time if it ever happens again. I just onder who ran that script and for what purpose. It is a bit scary if someone is inside and can damage the server as he wish. It shouldn't however be comprimised. John
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    IPs got unbound - how to recover?

    The problem were fixed by an tech but I would like to know how to handle such a situation again, should it happen again. The ips on a server of mine got unbound because someone ran the script /etc/rc.d/init.d/network on the server. In this case WHM weren't accessible as well. Is there anyway to...
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    Any improvement in the terminate account function?

    Has there been any improvement in the terminate account function in WHM or does apache still have a tendency to crash when clients are terminating accounts and forgets to let the page load fully, and finish the termination process? Thanks John
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    /~ no longer working...

    Solved trough WHM Yes, but that means that no account is protected. Not the solution I'm looking or. I would like to have it enabled and to exclude individual accounts from it instead, but that's not working. :( John
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    neomail error or named error ???

    Thank you, but how can I know that a process is neomail - what pid it is etc.l? I tried service neomail stop but it didn't stop that way. Also, shouldn't neomail be restarted again as some clients are still using it. Maybe the best thing to do would be to unmark the neomail checkbox in WHMSs...
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    neomail error or named error ???

    It started happening again for the same account. Does anybody know a solution for this? John
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    Crisis: after recreation of trust relationship only namebased accounts work

    We had some problems with a slave server and the trust relationship to a master server. We rebuild the trust relationship in WHM, but without any luck. Does anybody here know why all accounts, set up with private nameservers and dedicated IPs on the slave server, are not working, while...
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    Problem with PHP scripts on server

    Is there any way a server can be configured so files created by PHP scripts are owned by the account user, rather than user/group = 99/99(nobody/nobody)? If this isn't possible, we are required to chmod 777 a directory which is a security risk. Phpsuexec is used on the server. Isn't it...
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    DNS zone created using wierd IP

    Same problem here. The dns zone shows the correct IP but a whois shows Did yo find any solution to the problem? John