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    Chosing PostgreSQL DB charset

    good point, we need know that too, various customers asking about it.
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    suphp and fast-cgi

    Hello dears, I have the following problem, maybe you have a solutions for me :) My problem is than the .fcgi scripts are runned as "nobody", not with the username of the account like .cgi and .php Do you know what the problem is ? thank you!!!
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    sql restore...what's the '...gzkey' for

    Thank you very much for your reply.
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    sql restore...what's the '...gzkey' for

    One of our customers detect the same when restoring a db from other cpanel server. Some advises ? have a nice day.
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    development of a skin

    How can i try my skin look&fell if i have not an running installation of cpanel ? Exist some technic or tool for do that ? thanks!