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    Logaholic login error?

    If you are getting 401 (or other errors), you can also try the following: mv /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/Logaholic /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/Logaholic.old /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-logaholic --force service cpanel restart
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    How can I protect php.ini with suPHP?

    Just tested it out and works nicely. Thank you!
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    .backupmount_locks remain after backup

    Yes we are seeing this as of recently as well. In our case we are backing up to a NAS, and performing the mount/umount with the cpbackup in WHM. However, it does appear to be remounting with /bin/mount -o remount,rw /backup. Check your backup logs to ensure it's working.
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    HardDrive Failure: please help

    The above instructions are to move them from one (old) physical drive in the system to a new one. While you can try to rsynch over a net, I don't recommend doing that in dire situations--like failed drives. The instructions are still reasonably sound, as most of the cpanel scripts and other...
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    how does "http://ip/~username" work?

    you would need to enable it if it's not. Security >> Security Center >> mod_userdir Protection
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    MigrateMe 1.0

    1. i stand corrected, should have been more explicit and said the commands in the subshell 2. i didn't say it was required, but it can be used to do it too. cmd1 `cmd2`; cmd1 | cmd2; and cmd1 > cmd2 all work to pass stdin although i always appreciate correction, i can do without bluntness or...
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    CPanel for Server Admin only - no need for reseller interface

    This is what WHM/CPanel does already. You do not need to enable resellers if you do not wish to.
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    A question about DNS cluster setup

    ns servers can be defined in /etc/nameserverips
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    ::urgent:: Hacking Problem

    Perhaps hire an admin? I'd assume that is probably what you want since you haven't tried finding out yourself -- no offense. You can start by asking your hosting company to look into it. We do these things for our clients, as many hosts do. Otherwise, you will find a bunch of people on these...
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    MigrateMe 1.0

    anytime -- THANK YOU for your great scripts!!!
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    MigrateMe 1.0

    here is another for instance: (ls;ll;mv /this /that) & top will run ls, ll then mv in that order in the background (a subshell) and top in the foreground. if one of those fails, then it will stop the background sub-shell process if you have two commands and want to pass the output...
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    MigrateMe 1.0

    to be clear it does not keep that (subshell) command from "crashing", just the main shell.
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    MigrateMe 1.0

    any time you run a command in parentheses, you invoke a subshell, which can do just that, but it does more ... as mentioned, you can use it to pass the result to stdin for use by another command. That way you can test to see if it did execute properly (or crash, as you put it) and do something...
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    Webmail - show disk usage

    do you mean quota or disk usage?
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    Safe to move to cPanel 11 now?

    So far we have not seen any strange issues on our servers that we upgraded to 11. We did not however go to apache 2x yet
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    MigrateMe 1.0

    here is a really simple and silly example: mv /this /that && ( echo Success ; echo Success part II ) || ( echo Failed ; echo Failed part II )
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    MigrateMe 1.0

    Nice script! When you enclose commands in parentheses, you are running a sub-shell. That basically allows you to use the output in another application, running as subshell, or an input of another command. As Brian correctly points out, this can help you debug when something goes wrong
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    How many accounts you hosting on your server?

    MACscr and brady, it all really depends on what you are hosting. If you host busy sites or large mysql dbs, then a bit more cpu and especially memory are always welcome! ... And correctly, MAC pointed out that the disk subsystem should also be adequately configured with decent drives to keep up...
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    ASSP Deluxe for cPanel

    I think what freedman proposes makes a lot of sense. Just to say, although we don't use your product at this point, that was one of the deciding factors why we didn't. We do nearly only B2B. Glad to hear that it is something you have considered. :)
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    How to run scripts?

    Resellers do not have that capability. As ServerTune pointed out, you need to be root.