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    IMAP support in PHP

    Is IMAP support going to be enabled in buildapache.sea soon?
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    IMAP support in PHP

    There is no IMAP in PHP part to select Php Module ---& - - - - Rewrite Module - - - -[ ] Roaming Module (for netscape 4.5+) - - - - SSL Module...
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    IMAP support in PHP

    Hi, Since it seems that IMAP is not enabled in PHP in buildapache.sea (I don't see a reason why it's not enabled by default) what is the easiest way to add IMAP support in PHP? IMAP does work for Horde but it's different web server than the one that runs user sites. Thanks
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    Problem with PHP and safe mode

    Guess no one really knows what to do :)) I have php_admin_value open_basedir &/home/user:/tmp& set for every VirtualHost entry in htttpd.conf. But recently I started getting errors in PHP scripts so I deleted that line on some accounts. And now same error still happens, but if I...
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    New White Theme - Opinions?

    $ 5 first bid :) with permission to translate of course :)
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    FTP account

    Hm runing non-stable FTPd scares me :) I think I'll wait for stable version.
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    Any way to do this?

    Is making a whole disk just one root / partition a bad idea for Cpanel? And if it is why? In that case loss of unused space on some partition wouldn't exist.
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    FTP account

    FTP mistery continues :) in vertex theme is shows used and total FTP accounts. So I just created user and it has 2 used and 5 total domains. So it means Cpanel takes 2 FTPs at once. But I added more domains and now it shows 11 used and 5 total. How can I limit FTP accounts? P.S. For...
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    FTP account

    Hi, Couple of questions about FTP accounts: 1. When I set 2 FTP accounts for some user and go to his cpanel (with his password) I'm able to create 5, 10 or more FTP accounts. Shouldn't it forbit new ones after the 2nd? What's the point of seting limit if he can make as much as he wants...
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    POP3 problem after deleting subdomain

    Hi, On one of my domains with own IPI used to check email with just login as username (with no But right now I deleted one of subdomains and since then I can only check email when entering whole email address. Also POP3 server still shows old subdomain when I log...
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    Any change of replacing XMB with phpBB2 ?

    Vote for phpbb :)
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    So any help on my previous post?
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    Is everything ok with buildapache.sea or fp-5.0-upgrade.sea ? So far every time it installed without problems, now it stops saying: configure: error: Unable to find libgd.(a|so) anywhere under ../gd-1.8.4 make[1]: Entering directory `/root/fp-5.0-upgrade/buildapache/php-4.2.3' make[1]: ***...
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    SpamAssassin blocking all mail

    Is this new exim-spamassassin combination going to work ok for domains where spamassassin used to go crazy and make huge load on server and reject mail? About 15 days ago I had to disable spamassassin on accounts with more than 30 email since it used to go crazy. Does this combination fix...
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    PgSQL Pluggin

    You have my vote for PostgreSQL :). I'm sure not many clients would use it, but still it gives another great advantage to there's a different thing it has to be done in a secure way so the users can't abuse it
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    SpamAssassin update

    Hi, I have problems with current SpamAssassin (right now it's 2.31), it breaks from time to time, refusing mail and making huge load on server. I see on SpamAssassin page there is new version 2.41, any idea when it will be available with Cpanel update? Can we update it ourself? Thanks
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    Remove options from WHM for resellers

    Hi, What's the easiest way to remove Server information and Change WHM Theme for reseller WHM, and possibly to add some things? Thanks
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    It's nasty :) Simple question: how to kill spamassasin? It went crazy, strace shows: munmap(0x44d97000, 4444160) = 0 old_mmap(NULL, 4444160, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0x44d97000 munmap(0x44d97000, 4444160) = 0 old_mmap(NULL...