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    Frontpage Won't Work After upgrade.

    If anyone has a solution for this, please post here. I have the same problem as well.
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    Help on Leechprotect!! Error Found!!

    Any solutions for this yet? I have the same problem, and it's causing Apache to fail over and over again :(
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    S.M.A.R.T. Controller Problem

    I'm using a Dell PowerEdge server. Should I be worried about this message: The following controllers have problems with S.M.A.R.T: 3ware PERCRAID 3w-xxx Promise and FastTrack I just want to be sure about this, thanks for your reply. Support Ticket Number:
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    Timeout FTP Remote Backup

    I use the FTP remote backup in WHM, and I get this error when a quite big account is being transfered: Timeout at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/Net/ line 776 Is there anything I can do to prevent this timeout? Can I raise the timeout time setting for example? Thanks.
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    Mass Plan/Owner/Skin Change

    Account settings are in /var/cpanel/users/ For example, you can use this shell script to mass modify the skin setting for all users on a server: #!/bin/sh OLD=old_skin_name NEW=new_skin_name shift ; shift for file in /var/cpanel/users/* do sed "s/$OLD/$NEW/g" ${file} >...
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    My Cpanel licenses are invalid

    Thanks, on this Sunday! The problem is solved now! :D
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    My Cpanel licenses are invalid

    I sent them messages by e-mail and AIM the whole day today, but I didn't get a reply by this way too :( Waiting until Monday for this problem to be solved would be horrible! All those complaining and angry customers!
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    My Cpanel licenses are invalid

    I recently became a Cpanel distributor by myself, and now my Cpanel licenses are invalid !! Can somebody tell me what to do now? Or on which phone number can I contact DarkOrb? I have 5 phone numbers here, and no response at all numbers at this moment :(
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    Deleting files in /home/username/tmp/webalizer ?

    Hi! Is it safe to delete or empty the files in the following directories? /home/username/tmp/webalizer /home/username/tmp/analog /home/username/tmp/awstats The total size of the files within these directories are quite big for some clients.....
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    Mail for Forwarded Domains

    Thanks a lot!!
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    Mail for Forwarded Domains

    Hi there! What's the best way to forward all incoming mail of a forwarded domain to one e-mail address? Wouldn't this be a nice option to include in WHM? The &Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding& option doesn't have any e-mail features at this moment.