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    Munin stopped working. 11.46 the culprit?

    The Munin plugin is returning blank pages. Both my servers are affected. The pages continue to be generated by Munin with the current date/time. However the last data to be found (if you click on Apache Accesses) is on December 2nd and 3rd. This appears to be when they automatically upgraded...
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    Cluster Confusion

    I have on all three servers. I have a working sync. I did have the servers listed in a table. The only change is the automatic WHM update and the disappearance of the table list. I assume one accounts for the other. These are live production machines - so I am reluctant to experiment...
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    Cluster Confusion

    Thank you - so I can forget Configuration as a cause of the issue? It still leaves the question of why servers are no longer listed in the table that used to appear on the DNS Cluster page on either master & slaves yet the correct path diagram is still shown on the master. How would one...
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    Cluster Confusion

    The cluster section appears to have changed since I last visited it. The good news is that the cluster is still syncing ok. There is a master server and two slaves. The bad news is when I go to the master server WHM Cluster Configuration page it shows "No servers are defined for this...
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    cPanel Root Password screw-up

    Nope, checked nothing blocked by cpHulk since Feb 3rd when I turned SSH off. I had only re-enabled it about half an hour earlier to enable Account Transfer. Also I could SSH into another account but su-ing was blocked by password problem. And it doesn't explain why, when in root, I could not...
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    You should also think why your server is being targetted. Are your prices too low? Spammers are notoriously mean people. Hiking the prices can get you a better quality of customer provided you can provide something to justify the extra cost. You don't have to apply it to existing 'good'...
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    cPanel Root Password screw-up

    There is no relevant command history in root. Simply the stuff i did long before the incident and then my attempts to extricate myself from the issue and after. I also checked /var/cpanel/logs on the other server. It shows a successful transfer of accounts up to the breakage and after the...
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    cPanel Root Password screw-up

    A multiple account transfer between cPanel servers suddenly stopped. The problem was that the root password (I was using the su escalation) suddenly was not recognised. Oh well, WHM has a change root password options so I did that from a wheel account. It did not work. No matter what I changed...
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    The perl module Safe::Hole could not be installed

    Thank you for your response but no luck. Here is the result of your file check: [email protected] [/usr/bin]# ls -alh /usr/bin/perl -rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 15K Apr 3 2009 /usr/bin/perl* [email protected] [/usr/bin]# ls -alh /usr/local/bin/perl lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Aug 5 2009 /usr/local/bin/perl ->...
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    The perl module Safe::Hole could not be installed

    Being having this message several times over a couple of months. It seems to be installing the latest version but then not finding it. Bewildered. The email report contains these lines: Test Run ============== Safe::Hole object version 0.10 does not match bootstrap parameter 0.13 at...
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    New errors since upgrade? Encode::Detect::Detector

    I had this problem with an August 5th install on Centos 5.3. The cPanel report produced by running /scripts/upcp --force concluded: I'd recommend removing /home/.cpan/sources/authors/id/T/TO/TOMHUGHES/IO-Zlib-1.10.tar.gz. Its MD5 checksum is incorrect. Did so, ran /scripts/upcp --force...
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    Domain Zone Ownership

    I have created some domain zones in WHM. None of the stuff (apart from the DNS) is hosted on our servers. Ownership defaulted to the first reseller but they do not appear to be listable to that user. I now need to re-arrange ownership of domains so someone other than the reseller can administer...
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    SSL Certificate Renewal Issue

    Thanks. Never thought of looking there. Should I "install" or "reset" (ie will it pick up the new certificate?)
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    SSL Certificate Renewal Issue

    Thanks for speedy response - it was setup in "Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain" When I go to SSL Manager I can see the new certificate "domain.crt" and the old certificate "domain.crt.old.1196699882". Viewing those shows the right dates for each.
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    SSL Certificate Renewal Issue

    I have renewed a StarterSSL Cert and installed it OK in WHM. Restarted Apache and the browser security icon reveals the new dates OK when viewing the domain on port 443. Restarted cpanel but the old dates are still showing when viewing the domain on port 2083. As the old cert expires in 3 days...
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    DNS Zone Creation Problem

    My DNS zones are created with incorrect nameserver information. The Basic WHM setup is: The zone templates contain: %domain%. %nsttl% IN NS %nameserver%. %domain%. %nsttl% IN NS %nameserver2%. But zones created have:
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    [Ask Exim] how to drop spam email and not bounce it?

    Yes - we too are moving all our client domains to :fail except for specified mail forwarding. This is the most efficient way of handling joe-jobbed spam or whatever as you don't carry the incoming email body traffic or send bounce messages which may even bounce back with some misconfigured MTAs...
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    error running postrotate script

    At a guess you are running Centos 4 or RH Enterprise 4. If so - simply upgrade to logrotate 3.1.6 will fix the /tmp directory problem. If you use Logwatch that will resume reporting normally on the Monday following the first correct Sunday rotation. If you are using Centos you need to add the...
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    Webalizer configuration

    The cPanel implementation doesn't use a traditional /etc/webalizer.conf file. I can't find an equivalent. Is there a way to specify the output per account or per server?
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    Cheap'n'cheerful failover - would this work?

    I have two WHM/Cpanel servers A&B. The accounts are rsynced. Primary nameserver is on A. Clustered nameserver is on B Secondary mailserver is on A. Primary mailserver is on B websites are served from A. Hence server A handles websites, B mostly handles email. Nameservice is shared. So if...