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    URGENT Help Needed EA3

    Even if you're just going to use php5, rebuild it and select php4 AND php5. I think there is a bug in ea3 that requires this. Also don't select the Ioncube loaders.
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    URGENT Help Needed EA3

    we just ran ea3 with php5 selected and all the php is now broken. browsers are asking the clients to "save as" when they visit a php page. Was there any update on this issue? It's kind of a biggie.
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    ftp accounts management error: deprecated call to register_acct

    We're getting a javascript alert saying: "Deprcated call to register_acct, please remove!"" Anyone else get this?
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    tomcat dont work in cpanel11?

    any updates with this as we have the same problem after an upgrade to RELEASE. the JKMounts in the httpd.conf file are correct but tomcat keeps complaining about the resource not being available.
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    CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage - not working anymore

    I did look in the change log and saw the edge build but I don't know how you guys then communicate how that build gets promoted to the release/current.
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    CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage - not working anymore

    How do we know when this makes it into the release/current builds?
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    Mailbox quota exceeded

    any updates on this?
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    Mailbox quota exceeded

    This is one hell of an oops. BTT. We are seeing the issue as well.
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    Invalid maildirsize file!

    +1 scholar. Thanks.
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    CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage - not working anymore

    Any updates? we are seeing the same issues after an update to the RELEASE build.
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    CPU/Memory/MySQL monitor in WHM

    We just upgraded to the RELEASE build over the weekend and are seeing the same thing under apache 1.3.x. What's going on here???! Thanks.
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    ASSP Deluxe for cPanel

    Just purchased assp deluxe. Subscribing to thread. Kind Regards,
  13. U security issue

    we just had this issue occur - any advice? Kind Regards,
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    What Temp files are ok to remove?

    Does anyone have a list of temp files(logs, etc.) that are ok to delete for housekeeping? Thanks.
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    Clamd crapping out

    bumping for the same issue. Just removed clamav altogether as it prevented mail from coming/going serverwide.
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    SFTP/SCP and virtfs problems

    we found a possible solution: for mnt in `cat /proc/mounts | grep virtfs| awk -F' ' '{print $2}'`; do umount $mnt; done If we don't post a follow-up, it's fixed. We think a user was using SFTP during a recent data migration in which we ran fixquotas.
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    SFTP/SCP and virtfs problems

    something else that is not cool - even after we remove SSH access from that user account they can still SCP/SFTP...
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    SFTP/SCP and virtfs problems

    We have a user that has a jailshell that is uploading things to the /home/virtfs/<username? directory as it appears it is not linked to the real location of their home directory on another hard drive on the machine. Any thoughts?
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    spamassassin dont work cpanel11

    same thing... we are seeing the same thing.
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    skin editing issue

    Anyone else get this when trying to edit a skin: The server was not able to find the document (./frontendx3resellersbrandingbranding.html) you requested. Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this error to your webhost. ? Thanks.,