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  1. ravi9

    Access WHM via xxx.domainname:2086

    Looks like your server hostname is not properly resolving.
  2. ravi9

    Access WHM via xxx.domainname:2086

    1) In WHM make sure you have properly set A record for Hostname. 2) Ping your server hostname from your computer. See if you are getting reply from your server IP. 3) Are you using any third party DNS service like cloudFlare??
  3. ravi9

    Automated Daily Backups . . .

    Get a cheap VPS ($4-5/month) and configure WHM Backtp to save backup on a remove server. WHM Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration >> Additional Destinations >> SFTP
  4. ravi9

    mysql going down, even though RAM has lot of memory available

    Have to contacted HostGator about this. I have read many bad review about HG in recent times (after EIG acquired HG). This may be a problem from node (like oversold node).
  5. ravi9

    restore default my.cnf

    Yes, you can. I think default settings is: [mysqld] innodb_file_per_table=1
  6. ravi9

    Access WHM via xxx.domainname:2086

    Are you able to login using: server-IP/whm server-IP:2086 server-IP:2087
  7. ravi9

    Limit connection to httpd per ip.

    You can also use (D)DoS Deflate - plugin. With default configuration, IP will get blocked for 1 minutes after 150+ connections.
  8. ravi9

    How to Transfer all websites to new IP

    Sorry, if I wasn't clear in last post. Suppose, I have moved all websites from -> But server's main IP is still I want to know, if attackers attacks server main IP using some DDoS software. will it affect server load. Or will there will be very minute load...
  9. ravi9

    How to Transfer all websites to new IP

    Thank you for clarifying this :) I have one more doubt. Will changing IP of all websites to (ddos protected IP) enable DDoS protection to my complete VPS. As this will not change server main IP. And server will continue using as main IP.
  10. ravi9

    How to Transfer all websites to new IP

    Can I use this method: WHM Home >> Multi Account Functions >> Change Multiple Sites’ IP Addresses
  11. ravi9

    How to Transfer all websites to new IP

    will it cause any downtime. I will not be changing nameserver and nameserver IP. Regards:
  12. ravi9

    How to Transfer all websites to new IP

    Hello, I have a VPS with two IP. Let's say these IPs are ------------------------- -> server main IP + -> ------------------------ I got a new IP to my VPS which is DDoS protected. Let's say the new IP is ---------------------------...
  13. ravi9

    Problem with GD Library (JPEG)

    Thank you for sharing the solution :)
  14. ravi9

    FTP Backup excludes mysql directory

    Are you using cPanel new backup system with option checked Retain backups in the default backup directory?? Are both local and FTP backups created using automated cPanel backup system configured at: WHM Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration
  15. ravi9

    Installing cPanel VPS Optimized

    Are you trying to install cPanel on a Dedicated server OR VPS?? These tutorials may help you: 1) Installation Guides 2)
  16. ravi9

    disk space reached to 100%.

    Navigate to, WHM Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration And make sure Retain backups in the default backup directory option is not checked.
  17. ravi9

    Domain going to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Glad to know that your problem is solved :) Whenever you get into similar situation, make sure to check through proxy like
  18. ravi9

    create new account ...

    @mahesh123, As I can see you are a total newbie related to server management. I suggest you to: 1) Upgrade / transfer to a fully managed cPanel server. 2) Hire a server administrator to setup these settings on your server. 3) Ask for support from your hosting provider. Generally all hosting...
  19. ravi9

    Issues with High Server Load

    Are you sure its sendmail that causing problem. Try top command in SSH top Also, what is max mails per hour limit in your WHM Home >> Tweak settings >> Mails And how many mails you have in WHM Home >> Email >> Mail Queue Manager
  20. ravi9

    cPanel Newbi, Nameserver issues

    Have you created A Record for both nameserver in WHM >> Add DNS zone