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    phpMyAdmin - The page cannot be displayed

    Hi, Has any one else been having ptoblems with phpMyAdmin and Internet Explorer give "The page cannot be displayed" message when trying to mass update or mass delete data from a database?
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    Graphics not caching

    Hi, What did you have to add/change to get it to cache images?
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    cpiconb.gif MIA

    The image for the cPanel link in WHM is missing (cpiconb.gif) for the latest stable release. Support Ticket Number:
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    Exim 4.20 + MailScanner + Clam AV Full Guide for Cpanel 7.2.x

    Hi, I followed the How-To but now need to fully remove this from onr of our servers, how do i completely remove MailScaner & ClamAV and revert back to how exim was before? Support Ticket Number:
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    Core Files Plague

    Hi, We have been moving some accounts around and have noticed that every accounts webalizer directory had filled up with core.* files. Is there an easier way than going through each accounts directories to remove all these files? Support Ticket Number:
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    Exim 4.20 + MailScanner + Clam AV Full Guide for Cpanel 7.2.x

    I agree with what your saying if about sendind exe files but we have had complaints from clients that we are restricting the files they can send. They were not happy when we said they would have to zip them up. Is there a way to stop exim using the antivirus.exim filters and MailScanner...
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    cgiemail not working

    Hi, We opened a ticket too, the reply we got was less than impressive. Having explained it wasn't working in the ticket our reply was basically "everything is correct are you having a problem?" I had explained that we had to CHMOD 0755 to get it to work and replied to my ticket and not...
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    Exim 4.20 + MailScanner + Clam AV Full Guide for Cpanel 7.2.x

    Hi, I have modified the filename.rules.conf and the filetype.rules.conf to allow everything through yet .exe files are still being bounced back. I have restarted MailScanner countless times now and it still continues to bouce emails with .exe files. Support Ticket Number:
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    Exim 4.20 + MailScanner + Clam AV Full Guide for Cpanel 7.2.x

    Hi, Is there a way to set this up so that the email is scanned, if possible the file is disinfected and still sent. But also still send the file if it can't be disinfected? I'm not sure why but some of our clients are not happy about having there email scanned and having viruses removed...
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    Exim 4.20 + MailScanner + Clam AV Full Guide for Cpanel 7.2.x

    I too followed the instructions and got it up and running in no time. One question I have, with the default exim install with cpanel MailScanner was bouncing emails with suspiciouse content does this still happen now I've installed follwoing these instructions? If so how do I get it to...
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    PHP Session ID Cross Site Scripting

    Hi, Does PHP 4.3.2 as installed by the buildapache/easyapache script have the PHP Session ID Cross Site Scripting vulnerability patch? Support Ticket Number:
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    What is the tag to pull an accounts user name?

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone knows the cPanel tag to show an accounts username? Kind Regards, Neil Support Ticket Number:
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    Horde Webmail & Default Mail Box

    Hi, Why is it that if you login to horde using the default mail box username/password every email account is listed in the folders dropdown and your able to read email for every other email address under that account? Any one else seeing this? cPanel 7.2.1 R122 & cPanel 7.2.1 S85...
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    Subdomains do not resolve!

    Hi Goodmove, Since we updated to: 7.2.1-S78 Support Ticket Number:
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    Subdomains do not resolve!

    We are just trying the subdomain. Support Ticket Number:
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    Subdomains do not resolve!

    Hi, We're having the problem too, they were working fine one minuite and not the next. Have tried removing and recreating them, restarting bind but still no joy!! Support Ticket Number:
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    please improve Disk Space Usage Warnings and Bandwidth Warnings

    Hi, I have just had a couple of complaints about the disk space usage warning email. It would be nice if we could customise the email to be a little more polite, smae goes for all other automated emails sent. Kind Regards, Neil Support Ticket Number:
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    PHP 4.3.2 & fopen()

    $bbcxmlfilename = ""; $bbc_handle = fopen ($bbcxmlfilename, "r"); $bbc_news = fread ($bbc_handle, 1000000); fclose ($bbc_handle); $tutvxmlfilename = "/home/********/public_html/maintenance/bbcnews.xml"; $tutv_handle =...
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    PHP 4.3.2 & fopen()

    Hi, Anyone else using php 4.3.2 and seeing odd fopen() problems? Some times it works some times it doens't! Kind Regards, Neil Support Ticket Number:
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    Latest BuildApache Problem

    Anyone? Support Ticket Number: