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    A better mailing list manager

    Mailman is hard for my customers to use. Is anyone using something better? Most of my customers don't use it for discussions, but rather just sending out newsletters and such. Can you recommend anything better?
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    awstats addon domains not updating anymore

    All my domains give that error for Awstats All my domains give that error for Awstats when I run /scripts/runweblogs username Any suggestions?
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    URCHIN Subdomain stats are processing the main domain's logs?

    solution Did you guys ever get it figured out? I need the solution as well. I need to be able to have an urchin profile for my subdomains.... is this possible with cPanel?
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    Need A Liscense Asap - Mine Expired!!! :(

    I get my liscense through ProNIC and had my credit card stolen, they said it'd be okay for 10 days, but they expired my liscense now on day 3!! I need a new liscense ASAP! Can anyone help! I'll gladly buy it from you. PM me for my IP address or just send me a link to where I can sign-up...
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    awstat take so much resource?

    That's not normal... not sure what's going on there.. you might try killing that process and then running /scripts/runweblogs to restart it.
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    Restoring databases WITHOUT a cpanel back-up

    Yeah, you could just create the databases required for each customer and then copy your backups of /var/lib/mysql/USERDATEABASE into the new /var/lib/mysql/USERDATABASE folder... that saves on that running the sql imports. ... you do have to have copies of the .frm, .MYI and .MYsomething else...
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    Performance tweaks for MailScanner + ClamAV

    Thanks edewing, The only thing I found in that forum was to make sure that you're using the clamavmodule instead of just clamav. Do you know of any other tweaks that can be done?
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    Performance tweaks for MailScanner + ClamAV

    Does anyone know any performance tweaks for MailScanner + ClamAV? It seems to suck considerable CPU and I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done to lighten the load.
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    60,114 messages in exim queue!!

    Resolved! :) Okay, I figured out what was goign on here. This: deliver_queue_load_max = 3 Needed to be increased because my average load is higher than that. Since my load was higher the queue would never run itself :( deliver_queue_load_max = 9
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    60,114 messages in exim queue!!

    What could cause this? About three weeks ago I was a happy camper with 2-3 messages but this is just crazy and it's killing my server load. I've run /scripts/exim4 I just tried setting this in exim.conf: ignore_bounce_errors_after = 2m timeout_frozen_after = 2m ... and then...
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    Cpanel Mail Queue doesnt process

    I am using the mailscanner (clamav) and I just noticed that I've got emails sitting my queue as old as 29days. What could be wrong? I'd like 'em to bounce back around 7 days or so like normal. I've got the default setting at the bottom of my /etc/exim.conf * *...
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    Mail Quota

    Oh... uh... I'm kinda lame... ... I just realized my old outdated skin was to blame for no "Change Quota" option. Problem solved.
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    Mail Quota

    I don't know :( I'd like to know how to change email quotas without having to delete and readd the email account. Any ideas on that?
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    Alabanza transfert

    As far as I know you must have root access to the alabanza server to transfer away from it.
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    Cpanel in Polish

    You could create a custom skin in Cpanel that would have polish text... but as far as I know, that's as close as you can get with Cpanel.
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    Urchin Errors

    Bummer... I know I'm using Urchin just fine. But I'm not processing the logs through the Urchin admin interface. I just let cPanel do it and then access it through cPanel's urchin.cgi script and it seems to work fine.
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    cPanel Resources

    ToddW, I wish you the best... but it looks like you've got a hard road ahead... this market (hosting) seems very saturated with forum and support type sites... so it seems like a hard market to pursue to me.
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    Php Info (dog) Page

    Haha... shesh... I never remember this crazy american holiday
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    SSL down! Panic

    SOLUTION Evidently cpanel puts the SSL log file in: /var/log/ instead of with the other log files /usr/local/apache/domlogs and from some reason it DOES NOT rotate that log file... so there it was. A big stinkin 2 gig log file sitting in /var/log... shesh. It'd like to thank everyone that...
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    SSL down! Panic

    Check this out: The command: /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start Returns the following: /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl: line 192: 27845 File size limit exceeded$HTTPD -DSSL /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started