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    SOLVED Sectigo OCSP Outage 05/01/2019

    Glad I am not the only one, I am seeing the same thing on my end. Hundreds of sites offline and the HTTPd service keeps crashing. I am making a quick server snapshot and am going to try restarting (there were updates in queue, was waiting for weekend) and maybe rebuilding apache. Will report...
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    Move addon-domain and email to another account

    I think what I will do is grant the destination account re-seller privileges, then convert the accounts to full accounts belonging to this re-seller account. Thanks for the input on the problem!
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    Move addon-domain and email to another account

    Good morning cPanel folks! I have a client with a reseller account that has gotten themselves into a bit of a mess. They would like to move an addon domain from one account to another account, and include the addon domains email accounts with the move. What is the best way to go about doing this?
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    Backup Processes Stalling

    Hello all! I have been receiving 2-3 emails per day for a week or two now saying the backup process for a random account has stalled. Its usually a different account each time, but the funny thing is these processes are stalling after 60+ days of running. Also, although this may be...
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    Convert addon domains with subdomains to own account

    I have a long-standing client who has a single non-reseller account. Over the years he has grown his account to 10 or so addon domains, each with many subdomains. He asked if there was an easier way to manage so many websites, and I suggested we move him to a reseller account. I was playing...