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  1. mlopez

    Adding multiple strings to TXT record in 3rd party DNS

    Hello, We're gonna host in our servers only email service in a domain managed by GoDaddy, so we need to add our e-mail related records in GoDaddy's DNS interface. I started copying all cPanel email related records into GoDaddy's DNS until I came across with the DKIM record that has a couple of...
  2. K

    multiple DKIM records

    I have a customer that first uses 3rd party DNS wants to have 2 dkim records for their email with us, and their email with another company within cpanel, the dkim record selector is default.. they want a config for s1 and s2 for their 2 records but within cpanel there is not a way to change...
  3. N

    SOLVED 3rd Party cPanel License Question

    I have a cPanel license for my dedicated server that I pay for monthly through a 3rd party server farm and recently my clients have been receiving emails asking them to open email attachments and accept the new privacy policy from cPanel or risk loosing their account. I haven't sent these and...
  4. R

    Subdomain Issues with LetsEncrypt/CloudLinux when using 3rd party DNS providers.

    Hi, I've posted this on features.cpanel.net and it's currently in a moderation queue because cPanel thinks they should be split up, however they're all very closely related and ultimately all fall down to one of two issues. 1. Incorrect use of subdomains in multiple areas 2. Lack of support...
  5. U

    maldet doesn't work after restart server

    maybe somebody had a run-in with this issue. I have maldet on my server. so but after reboot server , there aren't new scan id I reboot the server on 12 feb. but after this it doesn't check and give me new SCANID Feb 12 2020 03:42:29 | SCANID: 200212-0342.9883 | RUNTIME: 52s...
  6. R

    Using Imunify360, but see this message "CSF is installed, but LFD is not running"

    I have Imunfy360 installed and CSF/LDF seem to be uninstalled. I see this message "CSF is installed, but LFD is not running" in the Security Advisor output. I realize the notice is not accurate and can be safely ignore it ( I double check for CSF/LDF via SSH, not installed ). Anything I can...
  7. K

    lets encrypt certificate for a 3rd party service on same server

    I have inherited a server that have WHm/Cpanl installed but also has other independent services / servers side-by-side. I know it is not an ideal situation - but it is what it is. My question is as follows: The domain mydomain.TLD is registered and functioning properly on whm/Cpanel. it also...
  8. X

    lfd excessive resource usage warnings with litespeed

    Hi, I have been getting excessive resource usage warnings from lfd like this: Time: Tue Apr 24 17:03:54 2018 +0430 Account: kw179 Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 1811 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /opt/cpanel/ea-php71/root/usr/bin/lsphp Command Line: lsphp...
  9. F

    [CPANEL-23475] 3rd Party Perl Module Install Location

    When installing Perl modules to be used by cPanel's 3rd Party Perl, I use the following command: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/524/bin/cpan -i List::Compare However, the modules get installed here: # perldoc -l List::Compare /home/user/perl5/lib/perl5/List/Compare.pm Why is that? I get...
  10. P

    cPanel license from 3rd party for use on hosting provider

    Hi Everyone, I am using Cpanel server edition in my dedicated server. I got the Cpanel license from my hosting provider and now needs to be renewed for another month. When googling I noticed sites like buycpanel price are less compared to my provider's price. My question is.. Do one have to...
  11. feldon27

    Visibility of 3rd Party cPanel Plugins

    I readily admit I have not looked much into cPanel Plugins created by 3rd party developers until today. I figured I would start looking for where I can check out these Plugins, see what they do, try out a Demo, and then possibly download and install them on my server. I started within WHM, yet...
  12. A

    updating a perl module on cpanel's 3rd party perl install

    So apparently cpanel now has three copies of perl installed on a server. But the perl module update feature in the menu only updates the local copy of perl, not the 3rd party copy. So can someone give me the manual steps of how exactly to update a perl module for the 3rd party perl...
  13. S

    3rd party subdomain

    Hi, I am trying to add an add on domain which is a subdomain created on a 3rd party server. The subdomain has been pointed to my server but it will not allow me to add it as an add on domain. Any idea's what is the best way to point this 3rd party subdomain to folder on my server...
  14. M

    Allow 3rd party access to AwStats

    Customer has an associate which needs to access the AwStats data, but should not have other privileges on the cPanel account. Could an external access method be allowed for the allowed associate to log in and view the stats information? Jerry Stretch
  15. M

    Is it possible to setup a 3rd party subdomin on a cpanel domain

    I'm trying to take a domain hosted at GoDaddy, and create a sub domain that will map to a second domain on a cPanel server. domain.tld <-- hosted on GoDaddy my.domain.tld --> goes to mycpaneldomain.tld Is this possible?
  16. R

    3rd Party File Manager for webhosting

    I was wondering if I could use a 3rd party file manager in replace of the file manager in cpanel. If so, what would be the web address I need to connect too. Thanks,
  17. P

    making a cpanel 3rd party add-on problem

    Hi. I wish to make a cpanel addon. For now, the php code is executed, but I want to call cpanel "api" like this inside php file: $x="<cpanel Park="countaddons()">"; print($x); Instead of getting the result, I get inside $x the "<cpanel Park=.. .." text. Please tell me how can I call cpanel...
  18. D

    How do I add links to a 3rd party theme?

    Hey, I have a 7dana skin running on my CP and WHM. Its missing some links like Fantastico, Virus Scanner, Mail Trapper, etc, that are installed w /the current builds of CPanel and stuff like that. How do I get these links? They appear in my CP supplied skins (X2, etc). I know I'll...
  19. S

    Login Via Cpanel for 3rd party

    I am wondering if it is possible to check password and login of a user on a 3rd party script run on a seperate port. Then from that get the users path to their www folder so i can copy files to it?? Cheers And thanks to IMS for help with my last question!
  20. D

    How to install a 3rd party software in WHM

    Hi All I would like to know how to install a third party software in whm. So that all Cpanel users can see the software and use it. I have a third party software called sohoadmin. I want to install this on Cpanel of all domains. So can any one tell me the steps of how to proceed with...