3rd party

  1. A

    44 scripts via autoinstall, what 3rd party provides these?

    Does anyone know where to get the auto installer for all these scripts? I saw it on http://l40.net/plans.html# they say its fantastico, but fantastico doesnt have that many. Intsall the following scripts in seconds!!! Portals/CMS Drupal Geeklog Mambo OS PHP-Nuke (phpNuke)...
  2. dave9000

    kernel upgrade with 3rd party raid driver

    I got a RH7.2 box dual 1.3 g MP athlons running 3ware hardware raid. I need to do a kernel upgrade but i can not find any info about a upgrade using a 3rd party driver. the raid array is the boot device and this is a production machine that really needs to stay up. anyone got any info on how...