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    Recreate Accounts After System Failure

    Hi, we are seeking some guidance here on specific steps or things to be aware of when trying to restore cPanel accounts after a major server crash. We manage about 25 sites (individual cPanel accounts each) on a server that was setup on a virtual machine instance. It looks like the VM volume...
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    SOLVED Change parked domain to primary without losing email accounts on parked domain

    I've tried searching but I'm either finding VERY old information or things aren't exactly clear on doing this in the results I find. I have a client who has an account where the primary domain has been let expire. The parked domain has all the email accounts and they want to make this the...
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    Error in WHM listing accounts

    Using WHM version 104.0.6, List accounts options throws an error: A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive Can't call method "add_warning" on unblessed reference at /usr/local/cpanel/Whostmgr/API/1/ line 26. at /usr/local/cpanel/Whostmgr/API/1/
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    phpMyAdmin logs out each time my IP changes

    I'm trying to start using my mobile hotspot for home internet instead of DSL, because (a) it's paid for, (b) it's cheaper, and (c) it's about 5 times faster! But I'm coming across a few tiny little nuisances that I'm trying to eliminate one by one. I usually keep a few Chrome tabs pinned with...
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    Cannot update Addon domain with document root outside of public_html

    Cannot update Addon domain with document root outside of public_html. I want to the files of my addon domain to be in a subdirectory outside of public_html. However, when I edit the document root for the addon domain ... cpanel just keeps on putting public_html at the beginning. vs cpanel 86,0,18
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    Reset to default

    Hi, everyone! An absolute nubie here. Trying to set up a simple portfolio website for myself. Made something, hated it, and wanted to start from scratch. Made a mistake and deleted ALL files in the file manager (nothing in the trash folder and no back-ups either). My question is: How do I...
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    cpanel question

    I know there is a lot of discussion (and wanting) for HA, load balancing and replication, however I think this question is slightly different. I see various organizations that seem to have one URL to log in for their cpanel accounts. (instead of each domain separately) We would like a front end...
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    Missing User Accounts

    Hi all, I have gone through the forum and searched related threads but can't seem to find an answer to the problem i have. I have just taken on a new client and some email accounts have suddenly disapeared from the cpanel of the domain ( although they are still visible in the file manager) The...
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    Give access to specific directory via SSH key

    Is it possible to give access to someone only to a specific directory of a domain, i.e. a coder to do specific word on that level, without having any other DB access rights?
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    Email Track Delivery Disabled

    Hi All, I just want to confirm. Is it true that the Track Delivery feature is disabled in some subscription plans? I noticed that the track delivery feature in our Cpanel is empty and when I talked to the GoDaddy, they're saying that it is not available in our hosting plan ( current plan is...
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    Another "fatal error"

    All of a sudden, when a user tries to log on to their cpanel, after they enter the user name and password, instead of the cpanel coming up comes a page with A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive More details below this are: Template::Exception: [TYPE]=[file]...
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    How to search for a text string in folders and files?

    How do I search for text in all files under for example public_html?
  13. J Cpanel Error

    Hi All Hopefully someone can assist, We can log into WHM but none of our accounts allow access to Cpanel, It was working fine this morning, we have made no server changes. The error we get is below Many Thanks Template::Exception: [TYPE]=[undef] [INFO]=[Cpanel::Exception/(XID...
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    issue creating a package

    hola Soy Diana alguien podria apoyarme con esto por favor: al tratar de crear un paquete nuevo me arroja este mensaje (Valor "Lampara de papel" no válido para la configuración "cpmod".)
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    Adding a package with a Dedicated IP

    Hello, I want to create a Mail only package using WHM's Add a Package feature. While doing so I see a check box with the option of a Dedicated IP (Attached screenshot). It just lets me check or un-check the box without letting me select any IP. What does this option do? My server has 2 IP's...