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    Allow access to cPanel and website for one specific IP?

    Hello, Am looking for a way to allow a user to access cPanel only via a specified IP address and prevent access from all other IPs. I would also want emails and the website to be inaccessible but for the specified IP. The scenario I have is that I have an account that's abusing terms, say by...
  2. A

    Login Form for Account username & password?

    I have cPanel and users using it. And I have to be able to log them in having their credentials. E.g. having a form in my own website, away from cpanel with credentials inputs. How can I log them into cpanel? Like api login / api login / autologin api... something like this? I just need to...
  3. S

    running crons across multiple domains

    Hi, Just a quick question, I have a domain running about 50 crons with some overlapping which is causing issues so my question is, if i setup another domain with cpanel will i be able to split the cron across both accounts? thanks Danny
  4. C

    Add a SubDomain in Apache?

    how to add a subdomain in apache 2.0? I am trying since two days but this is not working.
  5. M

    problem with domain name activation

    hello i m having a problem after creating a new account in whm the domain name does not work i need help solving this
  6. N

    Modify Addon Domain with Subdomain?

    Please can you let me know that how to Modify Subdomain for Addon Domain?
  7. J

    Restore a deleted subdomain from backup?

    I mistakenly deleted a subdomain thinking I was simply clear the memory. I deleted this on the subdomain page under public html heading. Now I am received error message 404 for every image on my website. My question is can my hosting service restore this deleted subdomain from their end...
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    Preciso Hospedar 10 Domínios - Qual a licença adequada?

    Olá, Preciso hospedar 10 domínios pelo menos, meus clientes precisarão ter acesso ao painel do cPanel, mas ao WHM terá apenas o meu acesso, não terei revendedores, qual a licença ideal para mim? Olhei no site e fiquei com dúvida quanto a essa questão. Obrigado, Wenderson Souza
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    Create Reseller Users With Unlimited Functions

    Newbie question however a good one I think. New to cPanel and I like to migrate 25 Wordpress websites currently on another hosting. I understand the principal of AddOn Domains and sharing a folder but that’s not what I want. I am running a strong VPS with myself as admin with full privileges...
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    Lost cPanel login details

    Please accept my apologies re-opening this thread, but I have a big problem I need to solve asap, someone has changed my admin login to Cpanel, please help.
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    Problem with Account Privileges

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with an account i created for a client who needs to manage his mail accounts. I assigned a classic package with function "Mail Only", but the problem is in CPANEL,He can choose all of my other accounts in the dropdown menu at General Information panel. I dont know...
  12. K

    Switch domains between accounts?

    Hi. I am root whm. One outer ip address. No dns. There are two accounts: user1, user2. user1 primary domain user2 primary domain i need switch domains. so that content of now can be accessed by https:/ / How it can be done without...
  13. P

    Recovering Account Details

    I am working to recover account details for my site that were lost after moving on from our previous agency. Struggling to find the right contact. Please advise.
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    Create a new Package on VPS?

    When is it advantageous to create a new package instead of just creating a new account?
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    Increasing Upload Limit to Account?

    My Name Is NABIN YADAV . From Jharsuguda - odisha - india . i have joined cpanel hosting in december 2018 to launch a startup. I am facing issue in cpanel uploading is there any body to solve this just to increase upload Size in cpanel quota ..
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    cPanel User Login Logging?

    Hi I was just wondering if there is a log somewhere or anyway of knowing which user's login to their cpanel account? By this i dont mean cpanel access like email or ftp i mean physically logging into cpanel itself either through my site or using the port 2083. Thanks :)
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    SOLVED Create cPanel account via ssh

    Hi , everyone I would like to know if you have any idea on how to create cPanel Account through ssh. I tried the command : /scripts/wwwacct username password 0 x3 n n n 0 0 0 0 0 0 << +===================================+ | New Account Info |...
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    Cannot log into to cPanel

    I am not being able to log into my cpanel dashboard. I'm giving my username and password correctly but they are saying that the login is invalif
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    Invalid Login

    Hi all, I having error message as below. Would like to get all the expert here to help on. Thanks. I confirm my password ID and password is correct.
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    SOLVED How to change initial password for new cPanel user

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version 80.0.22. I would like to set option in cPanel WHM that new user in cPanel must change initial password when connect to cPanel interface. Where can I set it? Thank you! Best regards, Elizabeta