1. M

    Shared Reseller Switching Accounts Question

    I'm a reseller on a shared hosting cPanel instance running CloudLinux 6.10. I also have a shared reseller account on a CentOS 7.6 server running cPanel. On the CentOS server, I'm able to administer my primary cPanel account from WHM, and also when I log in to cPanel I can switch away from my...
  2. B

    SOLVED You may not have more than 0 of the resource “parked domains”.

    Hi All, I attempted to add an alias to an account, however, I keep getting the error below: The alias domain is pointing to the same IP address, as the primary domain. In WHM > Tweak Settings > Domains, I already enabled the following options: Allow Remote Domains Allow Unregistered Domains...
  3. kawasakai

    Convert Alias to addon domain or cPanel Account

    Hi there, is it possible to convert a alias-domain to an cPanel account or an alias to an addon-domain? It is required that mail accounts don't get lost.
  4. K

    Make two sub-domains show the same content (alias?)

    I am an old-school software developer with enough knowledge to setup a domain, a subdomain, etc., but what I want to do is above my understanding. So today, I have two installations of wordpress, one at, and a second one at As you probably imagine, in
  5. T

    How long does it take to convert an addon domain to its own account?

    With moving MySQL databases enabled. Is this a relatively quick thing that just changes some references to data or does it take a long time to copy data to a new location? The add-on domain with the database is about 50 GB.
  6. M

    How to find/list data on all server users

    I am viewing the server "Load Averages" page and have a user I do not recognise hogging 44% of the server CPU (0.44 of 4.00). The username is "chrony" which is not associated with any account list for the server. a) Is there a method within WHM to list ALL users rather than simply currently...
  7. W

    login invalid

    Hi, I have the message "the login is invalid" even I copy and past the good username and password. My host (likuid) tried and said it works so they can do nothing more, but it doesn't work on my computer (a Mac). I am lost. Do you have any idea? Thanks
  8. R

    SOLVED Log in to WHM Reseller account with IP address?

    Hi - I have created a reseller account in my WHM installation. How can I access the reseller WHM controls for that account, without using a domain name? I've been hunting for this info for a while and coming up blank. Thanks
  9. chanklish

    Create new WHM admin?

    hello i want to create a new admin user for WHM other than root to disable direct root login , but the KB provided to create a user without a domain has a clear warning : We strongly recommend that you do not use this method to create administrative user accounts. This method can cause problems...
  10. G

    Change account to a new domain

    I have an account set up on WHM for a .CO domain, and I have 100+ other domains parked on top of it. I never market the .CO, though, so it's mainly just been for internal usage. I was recently able to buy the .NET version of my domain, and I would like to set it up to be the main domain for the...
  11. B

    Convert an cPanel Account to Addon Domain

    Hello! you can help me! Is possible Convert an cPanel Account to Addon Domain? I Have Cpanel account with domain "" And need that is a addon domain in main domain. Have the solution for convert and migrate? Thanks!
  12. M

    SOLVED Subaccount invitation expiration

    Hi, i'm letting a "customer" create subaccounts with "User manager" (subaccounts are for email use only). She uses the "The user will set the account password" option and now tells me that the invitations sent out via email expire "too soon". I didn't find documentation on how long these...