1. D

    Cannot create 'addon' domains after upgrade of WHM

    The error I am getting now is specific, but happens on all attempts to create a new addon domain in my main cpanel (shared under WHM). Worked flawlessly and with no issues prior to upgrading the WHM version and Cpanel to latest versions. Can anyone direct me to the best solution for this. I am...
  2. durangod

    Addon Domain Email coming from cPanel id and hostname

    Hi, I just added a new addon domain and i see that the email from that domain is coming from [email protected] I would like the email for that addon domain to come from its own email domain and not use the cpanels/hostname info. How is that done please.
  3. M

    Updated Addon Domains Doc Root Issue

    Recently created several AddOnDomains with their respective domain names as their documentroot (this created folders as /home/PrimaryDomain/AddOnDomainA). Realizing mistake, each AddOnDomains documentroot were changed to reflect "/public_html". After changing each AddOnDomain's documentroot...
  4. M

    Error 500 while adding Addon Domain

    Hi all, Im desperate because I cant get my second domain added into my hosting plan thru cPanel. After adding domain name, root directory and subdomain name I always get internal error 500. This is thru cPanel--Addon Domain option. My hosting provider really sucks and does not answer me...
  5. J

    Cambiar dominio adicional a principal

    Tengo un hosting con un dominio adicional en el cual se han creado cuentas de correos tanto con el dominio principal como con el adicional. Deseo convertir el dominio adicional en principal y el principal en adicional, para ellos primero tengo que eliminar el dominio adicional, pero tengo la...
  6. M

    addon domain https wrong documentroot

    Hi all :) I found a problem in cpanel. We made an addon domain outside of public_html (/home/addondomainfolder) All things was ok But now we found that there is a problem in ssl mode. While we try to reach site via https, apache tries to access /home/public_html/addondomainfolder As you know we...
  7. L

    Cannot delete addon domain

    I have been added an addon domain. Now, i want to remove it, but it don't show in Addon Domain. But it still show in DNS Zone and subdomain. Anyone can help me? sorry my bad english!
  8. P

    Addon Domains Question

    My Hoster use that Version: 62.0.8 I have the problem like other with the Addon-Domains. The are accessible under Where have anything have to move to prevent that? Or its possible to block the access from the Main Domain? My hoster also offer me the cheap ssl keys for the hole...
  9. A

    Error al crear Dominio Adicional

    Hola, Mirar he instalado el Cpanel en un server para realizar unas pruebas, todo desde Cpanel como Root funciona perfectamente creo un usuario y ala vez su dominio, el problema viene si creo un usuario y lo convierto a Reseller y a este le habilito todas las opciones en su panel. y desde el...
  10. V

    Domain addons missing after transfers

    I've used the tranfer option in WHM to transfer a multidomain account from a server to an other. But only the main domain seem to work. I can reach its site but all the other ones (the domains addons) are not working now. In the customer's cpanel, no addon domain but in the file manager, all...
  11. P

    The Age old Add-on Domain / Sub-domain conflict

    Hi everyone, I'm new here but not to the web world. I just wanted to see what others had to say about this limitation in every cpanel I've ever managed domains/hosting accounts in that every add-on domain creates a sub-domain under the primary account domain and every web host says its how...
  12. L

    accessing website routed to subdomain alias first

    why all addon domains routed to subdomain alias of main domain first, so if main domain expired or inactive the addon domain doesn't work because it reouted to subdomain alias first example account under maindomain is main domain and has expired and addon domain is...
  13. C

    Why the change from public_html?

    Hey, I went with a new host recently and I seen that an add-on was created in / instead of /public_html - Is there any reason it was changed? Thanks
  14. T

    Remove Email From Deleted Domain

    My user deleted a domain and none of the email was deleted. In fact, the /home/<user>/mail/.... is all still there taking up space and the user cannot delete any of the mailboxes. We have verified email is still there and are wondering why it did not get deleted and how do we clean it up now...
  15. E

    Cant Add addon domain without delete email accounts

    Hello, I am having a problem. There are alot of similar topics in forum but none of them exactly same as mine; I created a dns zone "", created email accounts and moved my clients emails to my server (via outlook pst's). All email accounts are worked without anyproblem. Webmail is...
  16. C

    What DNS entries to use for add-on domains?

    Hello, all - new to this forum, and will be grateful for any assistance. Have run several shared-hosting sites and blogs for 15 years or so, but have minimal code experience and am far below the technical level of most people here - hope I'm not wasting the experts' time on a basic question...
  17. C

    Directing Addon Domain to Existing Directory

    A client let their .com domain expire and lost it, and now we have to use the .net version. I unassigned the .com domain in cpanel, and assigned the .net domain, and directed it to the directory that the .com site was using. However, when I type their .net domain in a browser, it redirects to...
  18. O

    Multiples cuentas en mismo directorio

    Saludos, Quiero montar otro servidor cpanel pero necesito que las cuentas que vaya creando tengan un único directorio. ¿Hay alguna manera de redireccionar varias cuentas a un mismo directorio o home?
  19. albatroz

    Convert Addon Domain to Account

    Time ago I purchased this plugin from Admin Ahead for converting addon domains but recently realized that this feature is already included in CPanel and works much better than the plugin. Kudos for that! More reference here: Convert Addon Domain to Account - Documentation - cPanel Documentation
  20. C

    VPS to Shared

    Hi, Currently I have a VPS and want to move to shared. What is the typical process? I have 15 domains, each with a separate user. I understand shared hosting has 1 user. Considering that, when I package them, how does one get restored as a primary and the others as addons? Any other advice...