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    Unable to create add on domain in cPanel

    I want to add more than one domain using my cpanel. Right now I only have my main domain and cant add more. My hosting is - Removed -
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    Email Accounts for additional domains

    Hai, I have purchased a domain example, recently and i want to know wether cpannel provides services to create mail domains (add on domains) enabling to create multiple sub domains like .org, .biz, .net, .com If so, please assist me how i can buy the domain and the pricing.
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    Set subdomains of another domain as addon, but keep main domain

    Hello As you see I couldn't shorten the topic more than that. I want to set all subdomains of one domain as addon to point to some directory on my host, but don't want to change it's main domain execution. In other word, when you type you should see the site that it's...
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    htaccess, wp-admin, wp-login

    Hi. The trouble I’ve right now is that my top-level .htaccess (as copied and pasted below) is not allowing me to login to my new addon site (I recently purchased the addon domain), yet, I can login to my 2 old sites (one primary and one addon, which I purchased months ago). Someone helped me...
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    Backup of 1 Site on Shared cPanel Hosting

    I have a hosting account with SEVERAL wordpress websites hosted in a single account. I want to remove 1 of the sites from this and transfer into its own hosting account. I can do a FULL backup but I just need to backup the 1 site. Is there a way to backup just the 1 site with the databases...
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    Convert Addon Domain to Account

    I am wanting to convert an addon domain to an account using the WHM tool. I ran a test on a new addon domain just to test the process before converting the important one. However, after running the tool, seemingly successfully, I get a 500 error when I try to access the site. Any suggestions?
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    Restoring a cPanel backup as an addon domain

    Hi, I am currently trying to find a way to add a full cPanel backup as an addon domain of another account. Is anyone able to help me with this? Thanks, Richard Botfield
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    Multiple Accounts and a redirect

    Hi Everyone, How are we all? Just a quick one,I have two accounts in my WHM these are as follows: What I want to achieve is close down the account, assign all the e-mail addresses and other materials to the account and then forward...
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    Convert addon domains with subdomains to own account

    I have a long-standing client who has a single non-reseller account. Over the years he has grown his account to 10 or so addon domains, each with many subdomains. He asked if there was an easier way to manage so many websites, and I suggested we move him to a reseller account. I was playing...
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    Redirects from addon domain folder to new domain

    I have a cPanel account with a main domain and 5 additional domains. Problem: The folders of the additional domains are not named like "" but something like "website1", which, I think is causing the additional domains sites to show when accessing
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    Parked to Addon Conversion

    Oh , yikes. all my domains are set up as aliases of the main WPMS domain. They also have a ton of DNS records associate with each for things like MX, SPF, etc. Is there an easy way to turn an alias/parked domain into an addon domain without losing your DNS records?
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    Hosting multiuple add-on domains... with mod_rewrites

    Hi, First post here, so please be gentle. I have a VPS with WHM and cPanel, with root access. One of my websites, allows users to create their own websites, eg: etc I would like the users to be able to use their own domain...
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    Merge Two Separate cPanel Accounts Into One

    Hello, I have two different domains for webs hosting and emails hosting in the same cpanel. before I created two different accounts to manage each hosting. How can I create one account to manage these two domains? If I want to use add on domain, Please help provide guideline for migration...
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    Add-on Domains create MX delivery record in localdomains

    We are seeing an issue where upon adding an add-on or alias domain into an account it defaults the Mail Delivery to be a local domain even if the main account is configured to be a remote domain. It appears that the Auto Configuration option isn't being applied to the add-on domains. We also...
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    Having multiple domains on a dedicated IP

    So this may not be the right forum for my question, but I didn't know where else to put this. So I'm about to move from my current hoster after years of issues with communication that came to a head In May & even now in June I'm still having issues with them. I've been paying for 6 dedicated...
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    accessing root-level from addon domain

    I have recently purchased 4 domains and a webhotel running cPanel. I have been able to configure it so that one of the domains is the primary one and 3 others as addon domains using subfolders. This is the desired setup to have them as separate sites and not as subdomains. So the folder...
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    Cannot add similar domain

    Cannot add a similar domain. I have a domain called A.COM and similar domain A.ORG When I go add the domain I get the below error. A DNS entry for the domain “” already exists. This is because is already registered on the system in the DNS zone, and is currently an...
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    Problen to add an AddonDomain

    Hello, I´m actually trying to setup my first unmanged vps server. Since i know whm/cpanel since some years on sveral managed servers it´s no question to use it for the testserver too. All seems to be fine. I made own dns servers with 2 extra ips. Actually i get this error message if i...
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    unhandled Python exception in addondomain hook

    abrt: detected unhandled Python exception in '/usr/local/cpanel/hooks/addondomain/addaddondomain' #!/usr/bin/env python import subprocess import sys import os import yaml from xml.dom import minidom sys.path.append('/scripts') import createvhosts doc = minidom.parse(sys.stdin)...
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    Problem when adding an addondomain

    Hello, When I try to add an addon domain using a client cpanel (I accessed the cpanel from WHM) I get the following error: Error from park wrapper: is owned by another user. The user I'm trying to add the domain too is the same user. Any help please? Thank you, M