1. S

    Aliases vs Redirects

    I have 3 domain names. I needed domains #1 & #2 to redirect to domain #3. I configured my Free DNS of my registrar's, and created two A records for each to point to the same IP as the host for the domain #3. Then in cPanel, I created two redirections; one for domain #1 to redirect to #3, and...
  2. P

    How to see addons and aliases through whm

    Hello Sir , I want to know that how can I search for a addon or aliases ? I mean that like someone added addon or aliases in their CPanel , now how can I search that who added in their add-on or aliases ?
  3. P

    How to search for an add-on or aliases via WHM ?

    Hello Sir , I want to know that how can I search for a addon or aliases ? I mean that like someone added addon or aliases in their CPanel , now how can I search that who added in their add-on or aliases ?
  4. D

    Questions with Redirect

    Hello I have a question. My example: I have a Domain and the nameserver is my CPanel Server. Now I want to redirect the Website to But with the 301 permanent redirect the URL is but the should be shown. How can I configure it...
  5. kawasakai

    Convert Alias to addon domain or cPanel Account

    Hi there, is it possible to convert a alias-domain to an cPanel account or an alias to an addon-domain? It is required that mail accounts don't get lost.
  6. T

    Primary Domain Park on top of account

    I'm trying to understand how to park a primary domain on top of a local cPanel account/domain. For example: Primary Domain: Local Domain: is not hosted on the server. is hosted on the server and the site is up and running...
  7. inteldigital

    Domain masking URL

    Hi, Is there a way I can addon a domain name, and redirect it using masking. I'm trying to achieve the following: has a website on it and isn't hosted locally. I add into my cPanel account, and when I click to I want to see...
  8. B

    Removing alias breaks the website

    Hi all, I created a cPanel with the customer domain name I built the website on a temporary URL, like, which is assigned as an alias, with no redirection- Whilst the site sits on the temporary URL, the customer can customize it and keep the previous website...
  9. hennesseystealth

    How to setup Alias domains?

    I have read the documentation on setting up a domain Alias, but it isn't working. In Plesk, I just entered the domain as an alias and then changed the IP address in Cloudflare to the server IP address. However, in cPanel, when I hit the add domain in the Alias section I get the follow error...
  10. I

    Problem with Alias Domains

    Hi, Sorry for such a newbie question but I've been using Plesk since Noah was a boy and have just added a cpanel host for some other work. I have a top domain called and an addon domain called and a third addon called All on the same server. I am trying to...
  11. W

    Alias Domains & MX Records

    I have a client who likes to use multiple domains. His website is at one domain (web domain) and he likes to sue another domain (email domain) for his email which is on G Suite. cPanel account is for the web domain, the email domain is set up as an addon domain. Issue: Web traffic when someone...
  12. H

    SOLVED Parked domain with both site ssl or without

    Hello, i m need this is solution I have a domain and a parked one My customer want the ssl certificate to be installed just for bu i m learn not posible this is Parked domains cannot have their own SSL certificates because they do not have their own...
  13. A

    Domain alias shows instead of main domain?

    I have a strange problem which I cannot work out how to solve. My client has a main domain and a domain alias which is an old unused website url. The reason she keeps this old domain is because she has one email address which she uses besides the emails on her 'real domain'. The old domain url...
  14. J

    How do you add an alias to a subdomain?

    Hello, I want to create an alias for an existing subdomain, which in itself is also a subdomain from the same domain. # website's main address # website's secondary address I tried adding an entry for in's domain zone (both as...
  15. M

    Directing one subdomain as an alias for another subdomain

    WHM v68 I have an account "" which has various subdomain accounts set up, such as "" and "" etc. (to be absolutely clear this example is three seperate accounts on WHM under one main domain). This works fine. I have a NEW account for ""...
  16. Y

    Fonts access disabled between aliases due to CORS policy

    So I have a main website, and I've attached an alias domain to it, pretty simple and done many times in the past with success. Now, while surfing on the alias itself, It won't load the fonts due to CORS policy, "access-control-allow-origin" does not match between the actual website and the alias...
  17. Telematica_at

    Add an alias domain to an addon domain

    Hello, i need to add an alias domain to an addon domain on my host, but as i can see, that this is not working without a workarround. i read this 4 years old thread and asking, if there is maybe today another solution for doing this: Alias for add on domain The problem with this solution is...
  18. J

    Domain Aliases vs Redirects in cPanel

    Would it be possible to clarify the best way to set-up domain redirects in cPanel? Looking for some clarification from those more advanced than myself. Let's say I own two domains and I have set-up a website using and wish to configure it so that if...
  19. L

    Transfer E-Mail accounts of parked domains into a new cPanel account?

    Is there a clever way to move E-Mail-accounts of a parked domain into a new account? Any export/import workaround to move accounts including passwords into a new account? I have an account with three domains (two are parked). I can create a new account and want to move the parked to domain to...
  20. W

    How do I keep the original URL on a redirect?

    If I create a sub domain like and redirect it to a new address like example.tld, how can I keep the address line showing and not example.tld I don't need to use sub domains, so if you know how I can do this, you would help me greatly. Thanks