1. sahostking

    Email Archiving

    Hi I have read this but just want something clarified please. Email Archiving - 11.52 Documentation - cPanel Documentation If we say have a client with emails for 7 years and now we set it to auto archive for 2 years of emails will the system create a folder in archive dated and COMPRESS or...
  2. jmginer

    Enable "Email archive" via shell/SSH command

    Hello, we are interested to automate to enable the "Email archive" on certain accounts. Where are located the config parameters of email archive? Thanks!
  3. V

    cPanel Email Archiving and IMAP

    Hello I want delete an email from [email protected] but my email client return "[NOPERM] Permission denied (0.000 + 0.000 secs)" How do I fix this?
  4. A

    How to delete archived emails?

    Hi, Good day. Is it possible to remove the Archived emails after connecting the service via an email client with IMAP? At the moment it is not possible to remove the emails via Webmail interface. Is there any better way to remove unwanted emails from Archive ?
  5. albatroz

    Email archival for 1 mailbox

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to enable the CPanel email archiving feature for only one (1) mailbox of a domain.
  6. Rizwan Ghzzaal

    Email Archiving issue.

    One of my account is facing a strange error in email archiving. From disk usage we can see the emails are being archived and consume space of 74 GB approx. Now the issue is we are unable to access them via webmail as we have also subscribed the folder archive. No emails are being displayed. But...