1. N

    Can I have ASSP Deluxe working with Configserver MailScanner FE?

    Hello, I would like to know it it is possible to have ASSP Deluxe installed and working together with Configserver MailScanner FE. I have Configserver MailScanner FE up and running for a year or two now, and it has good results regarding spam filtering, but sometimes spam goes thru. I would like...
  2. P

    ASSP Problems since recent WHM updates

    Has anyone been getting problems with ASSP (free version) since the recent WHM/cPanel updates? I've been getting problems with 2 servers all week. It crashed Exim and ASSP on both my servers last night. It keeps giving me the errors... "Failed to determine the daemon_smtp_ports or...
  3. sahostking

    Anyone switched from MailScanner or ASSP back to default cPanel Exim

    With the many new changes this year I've seen cPanel add the following: Enable BAYES_POISON_DEFENSE Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset Enable Passive OS Fingerprinting for Apache SpamAssassin™ Enable KAM Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset Enable the Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset that cPanel uses on...
  4. S

    ASSP for new versions of WHM/cpanel

    Does ASSP works fine for the newer versions of WHM/Cpanel? Thanks for reply
  5. S

    ASSP Contact Info

    I am looking into using ASSP for a new server I am setting up. I have some questions for the people that run, but can't seem to find contact info. Kinda hoping the people look at this forum so I can get some questions answered before I jump.
  6. P

    ASSP Deluxe for Alpha WHM Reseller Account

    G'Day Folks, The server Company does not have ASSP Deluxe and is still using Spam Assassin. Is there a way I can install ASSP Deluxe on my Master account and the utilize it for all my Reseller accounts, i.e. they also will have the ASSP Deluxe facility on their accounts ? Obviously I have...
  7. O

    ASSP install

    hi ASSP is free? can I limit the spam of my nobody user of Apache with ASSP? I want to limit the spam from my server. t:) I found the archive: ASSP X ( does it work well with outgoing emails spamming? thanks
  8. B

    ASSP broke with cpanel's new exim RPM Build?

    ASSP broke with cpanel's new exim RPM Build? Did anyone else have this happen?
  9. T

    ASSP deluxe or free ASSP?

    hi! I want to know difference and suggestion to choose antispam solution for my server.. what is the best? thank you
  10. W


    How about built in ASSP support for cpanel?
  11. A

    ASSP uninstall

    I want to remove ASSP from my cpanel themes. How can I do this. It is the only thing left on the server to remove and it would be great to get rid of it. All that is left is the image and the text for the icon.
  12. B

    ASSP X strange activity every minute

    All, I just installed ASSP X on a new server, and I noticed my exim log had consistent activity every minute: 2007-09-15 00:30:03 SMTP connection from []:45543 I=[]:125 (TCP/IP connection count = 1) 2007-09-15 00:30:03 SMTP connection from []:45546...
  13. M

    Why the assp CPU used so high?

    Dear sir : Why the assp used too high in CPU? Picture like below assp.jpg Is the problem of setting ? :confused: Please help me to straighten out, Thanks. :)
  14. E

    Uninstalling ASSP

    In a moment of stupidity, I installed ASSP and disabled spamd etc, to try it out. I did it with ASSPX, a script that claims to make it all very simple: Just did not work out for me. Everything was installed, but the ASSP thing for me...
  15. D

    Assp Whm Cpanel

    Will ASSP be avaliable or as part of cpanel/whm in the near future? This spam system is very good and i hope to see it built into CPANEL/WHM thanks in advance.
  16. A

    ASSP Configuration

    I've got ASSP setup and it's been working well. I use the email interface to report wrongly marked spam, by sending a forward of the email to [email protected]. But this only works if I use the SMTP of the local server to send. It doesn't work when I use a external smtp server. Does...
  17. N

    SpamBayes vs ASSP vs SpamAssassin

    My primary concern has been trying to research the best product that will reduce the amount of false positives as close to "0" as possible. One solution is to make sure the program has an unsure type setup where definitive spam is moved to a spam folder and unsure levels are moved to another...
  18. T

    ASSP & cPanel/WHM

    Has anyone tried using this with cpanel/whm ? I would like to set this up, to handle all spam for my entire server... I wanted to check here before I go breaking things :) It's called ASSP... and has many features for spam handling... Thanks!