1. P

    ASSP Problems since recent WHM updates

    Has anyone been getting problems with ASSP (free version) since the recent WHM/cPanel updates? I've been getting problems with 2 servers all week. It crashed Exim and ASSP on both my servers last night. It keeps giving me the errors... "Failed to determine the daemon_smtp_ports or...
  2. sahostking

    Anyone switched from MailScanner or ASSP back to default cPanel Exim

    With the many new changes this year I've seen cPanel add the following: Enable BAYES_POISON_DEFENSE Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset Enable Passive OS Fingerprinting for Apache SpamAssassin™ Enable KAM Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset Enable the Apache SpamAssassin™ ruleset that cPanel uses on...
  3. S

    ASSP for new versions of WHM/cpanel

    Does ASSP works fine for the newer versions of WHM/Cpanel? Thanks for reply
  4. S

    ASSP Contact Info

    I am looking into using ASSP for a new server I am setting up. I have some questions for the people that run, but can't seem to find contact info. Kinda hoping the people look at this forum so I can get some questions answered before I jump.