1. D

    Autodiscover with

    I'm trying to understand how Outlook autodiscover works for cPanel when the default autodiscover SRV is set to Specifically ... If Outlook is talking to - then how is it going to get the email configuration the user would use for...
  2. C

    Enable/Disable Outlook AutoConfig

    Hello, I'm trying to disable the Outlook Autoconfig option in webmail. I noticed the "Enable/Disable Outlook AutoConfig" under the cPanel section in WHM, but this function doesn't appear to do anything. It looks like it is supposed to run /scripts/killoutlook. I'm not seeing this script...
  3. DrGreen

    outlook autoconfig pop3 produces

    hi there, when i run the outlook autoconfig it inserts as the pop3 not mayby something in the Resolver setup? anyone?
  4. C

    Outlook (Express) AutoConfig breaks Outlook 2003 settings

    Just a warning not to use the Outlook (Express) AutoConfig in cpanel if you plan on using it with Outlook 2003 - it will mess up your account settings in Outlook!
  5. M

    Customize Outlook (Express) Autoconfig

    Would there be any way that I could get the code to the Outlook (Express) AutoConfig script? I would like to make a page for my employees where they can download the script but have the option to Leave Mail on the Server. As far as I can tell the autoconfig currently links to the email.reg...
  6. H

    AutoConfig in Cpanel Bug

    Hello everyone, been having this problem for a long time and not had any success in getting a fix, if you reconize this issue and have the solution, please let me know. Thank you, Chris. When clicking the autoconfig icon, I get the pop ups to go into it but when it goes to add everything...
  7. C

    Outlook (Express) AutoConfig problem

    hello everyone, i have a problem in my cpanel, when i go to press "Outlook (Express) AutoConfig" it gives me the three pop-up messages bu then sends me to a "The page cannot be displayed" page, I asked my host and he has no idea what is going on if it matters, we are using: PHP version 4.3.3...
  8. F

    outlook autoconfig...

    where is it at in cpanel? I have it enabled in WHM. I remember it being next to the account in older versions (add/remove), did somebody forget something in 7.0? :( Support Ticket Number:
  9. casey

    Outlook AutoConfig broken after latest upgrade?

    Has anyone else noticed that the AutoConfig feature fails to add the password to the account it creates now? It worked for me with 6.4.0 Stable_3, but then I upgraded to 6.4.0 Edge_21 and now it doesn't. Did I do something bad?
  10. Domenico

    Outlook (Express) AutoConfig

    Some customers asked me if outlook express 6 and the latest outlook could be supported...
  11. J

    Outlook AutoConfig disappeared?

    Brought to our attention today, the Outlook Autoconfig in Cpanel has disappeared. This is only on our newest servers, the only ones and the new ones are both on the Stable release 3. Checking on an older server that runs automatic Release releases, the Autoconfig is still there. Was there...
  12. P

    outlook express autoconfig not showing

    I've tried every theme I can get my hands on, trying to get this feature, and I've had it work before, but now it won't show on cpanels, despite being enabled in whm, can anyone help?
  13. equens

    Outlook (Express) AutoConfig

    Please Nick, change this... document.write('Outlook (Express) AutoConfig'); document.write('../images/autoconfig.gif'); Thanks!
  14. D

    Outlook autoconfig is dead

    When I get to where I should open from current location a blank white page opens?
  15. T

    outlook AutoConfig

    Hey, is there anyway to change Outlook (Express) AutoConfig, to an icon.. change the txt to a picture?? i am just working on designing a few skins and i don't like the words.. thanks again for everyones help