1. BlueSteam

    Autodiscover for 2016 and newer! Third party option

    Some might know that cPanel developers don't care to fix the problem where autodiscover doesn't work for outlook 2016 and newer. Are there any third-party options to get this working? I have many clients that have queried why they have to pay for my time to set up their email accounts for them...
  2. N

    Unable to install SSL for autodiscover with Let's Encrypt

    Hello, I am receiving email from my server every day regarding inability to install SSL for autodiscover for all of my domains (150 domains on server). I have posted error for one of accounts, but all of them get the same error. This is the error log: AutoSSL would normally...
  3. E

    DNS record autodiscover

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM server v98.0.8. Some of my users are asking to add an autodiscover to the dns record. In settings on WHM are option for autodiscover: When a user goes to add an autodiscover record via DNS Editor, he does not see that he has managed to add an autodiscover record...
  4. L

    Any plans to fix autodiscover for Outlook clients?

    I note the cPanel Documentation: The AutoConfigure (AutoConfig) and Autodiscover services quickly and easily configure a user’s mail client to receive their cPanel email. These services work with Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook Express®, Thunderbird, and most other popular mail clients. Warning...
  5. M

    Disable/Change Autodiscover?

    For a split domain (where nameservers points to cPanel hosting and cPanel is configured as local mail exchanger, but email is also forwarded from cPanel hosting to a 3rd party hosted Exchange service or Office 365), how can the cPanel autodiscover record be removed and replaced with a CNAME...
  6. R

    What are cpcalendars, cpcontacts, and webdisk

    Hi, Domains have:
  7. 4

    Autodiscover.xml redirect behavior

    Moved from: Autodiscover.xml redirects I think I can answer that, since I'm having the same problem... There is an issue that has been discussed on these forums in some detail - but still seems to be an unresolved problem in many cases. Here is the scenario... 1. Client has website hosted on...
  8. D

    Autodiscover with

    I'm trying to understand how Outlook autodiscover works for cPanel when the default autodiscover SRV is set to Specifically ... If Outlook is talking to - then how is it going to get the email configuration the user would use for...
  9. V

    AutoSSL, Autodisovery issues

    What was the outcome of support request 7943177 from this closed thread: AutoSSL and Autodiscovery This is still a real issue in January 2018. Customers who use Office 365 and AutoSSL cause issues on the server. Their Outlook (and some others like Skype) clients keep hammering at...
  10. K

    Disable SSL for vhosts

    Hi I know that in 2017 there is no doubt that every website should use SSL/TLS. The reality is however that many older websites do not use SSL/TLS. Currently I have an issue where multiple customers, running their email on Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, are getting certificate warnings from...
  11. W

    autodiscover.cgi running and hogging memory

    Hi, I've started getting notification emails recently from that autodiscover.cgi is running and killing memory (see below) - it only seems to happen for accounts where mail is on a remote server. Is this normal? I know I can suppress the messages but that...
  12. E

    Autodiscover.xml redirects

    @cPanelMichael this may be a bug? I could be wrong by the below, however; It would be a requirement to be able to redirect the Autodiscover.xml elsewhere. The problem is that the built in configuration hierarchy will not allow you to specify a redirect because up the configuration chain in...
  13. J


    Auto discover insists on using %domain% for the imap & smtp server. How do we get it to use mail.%domain% ? I have read and fought with AutoConfig and Autodiscover - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation for hours, but I am no closer to solving this problem. I suspect the magic is in...
  14. E

    Exchange Autodiscovery with cPanel

    So I am configuring autodiscover for our on-prem exchange environment, at the moment autodiscover works fine for Outlook clients as our external DNS host has the correct SRV records. Note: DNS isn't managed via CPANEL - its all external and hosted elsewhere. However I want to try and get iOS...
  15. A

    SOLVED warn [autodiscover] User file '/var/cpanel/users/nobody' is empty or non-existent

    Hello Support, After I upgraded to latest WHM - I started to see the below errors in apache error logs Please advise what this error means? How to fix? Thank You! [2017-03-28 02:16:27 -0600] warn [autodiscover] User file '/var/cpanel/users/nobody' is empty or non-existent. at...
  16. N

    Configuring AutoSSL, IMAP, and AutoDiscovery

    Hi All, First post, so pardon any unintended ignorance. I am managing a VPS on JustHost for a client, specs as follows: /etc/redhat-release:CentOS release 6.8 (Final) /usr/local/cpanel/version: /var/cpanel/envtype:kvm CPANEL=release Server version: Apache/2.4.25 (Unix) Server...
  17. F

    Autodiscover not working on iphone

    How can I make autodiscover work on a Iphone or does it not work? Thunderbird, Outlook and connectivitytest are all OK.
  18. F

    Autodiscover dns records

    Hi, When adding a domein, the A record: autodiscover is being created. When using Outlook, an certificate error is generated because of this record. When deleting this records, all goes well. How can I stop cpanel from generating these records and how can i remove them from all domains...
  19. wintech2003

    AutoConfig/AutoDiscover default to server hostname

    Hello, I believe this started with v60 or v62 (and enabling AutoSSL) and now mail clients will try to autoconfigure with "" instead of "" even though "Host to publish in the SRV records for Outlook autodiscover support." is set to the server's hostname. This is a...
  20. A

    SOLVED AutoDiscover & AutoConfig

    My cPanel server does not use DNS, all my clients use their own DNS service (e.g. CloudFlare or their domain name providers). A client wants to use autodiscover and autoconfig - what records do they need to use in their DNS?