1. G

    In Progress BWG- 3521 - M6i in AWS Marketplace

    Is it possible to get the cPanel AWS Marketplace images updated to support the new m6 instances?
  2. benito

    Can't add a CNAME required by AWS

    Hello! A customer need to add a CNAME record by request from AWS to validate a CRT by DNS. When we try to add the record WHM it says: API failure: Zone is invalid: Line 44: ignoring out-of-zone data (dzc); Line 45: ignoring out-of-zone data (dzc); Line 102: TTL set to prior TTL (3600) at...
  3. G

    AWS EBS Lower Costs

    Hello, I currently have cPanel hosted on AWS, but as I'm from Brazil the cost ends up becoming high. I've already done a few things to lower this cost, but the cost of the EBS disk is still somewhat high, so I'd like to adjust that. My question is, when I created the virtual machine I added...
  4. T

    Wish to retain more backups on /backup, and fewer on AWS S3

    We wish to keep main backups local on /backup, and two most recent daily backups on remote S3 compatible location. How can I configure this? The retention numbers seem to be for the remote backup location, and then we can keep or remove the local files, and that isn't what were trying to do...
  5. D

    What cloud, what price and migration services?

    Hello all .. yes I'm thinking about WebHostingTalk also but I like this community. Short of the long is I have a server in the UK .. and it serves my needs very well and I'm very happy but I'm getting to a place where I believe it's going to be better if it's in the cloud so I don't need to...
  6. USA_Webmaster

    Should cPanel users be able to restore backup from remote AWS S3?

    Hi cPanel Team, I went to WHM > Backup Configuration > Additional Destination and setup a verified AWS S3 bucket so now all the backups are being saved and things look great. Did I misconfigure something somewhere though? How come when I log into any cPanel account, they are not able to...
  7. H

    AWS RBMS Connection with a user account.

    In a shared Server one account need to connect with aws database. How to configure this.??? we can connect data base locally with workbench or any other client software. But cant connect with shared server. Connection timed out error
  8. H

    Aws s3 backup Validation Error

    Cpanel backup to aws s3 validation failed and throwing the following error. Validation for transport “xxxxxxxx” failed: Could not upload test file: RequestTimeTooSkewed: The difference between the request time and the current time is too large.
  9. J

    Cloning to new AWS Instance - IP Problem...

    Hi all, I got my centos 7 - WHM server all set up - its running great, so i take an AIM / A clone of my server. Let's say the ip address is 1234 When i put the clone onto a new IP address: 5678 The clone is messed up - it still thinks it is on 1234. I changed Home » Server Configuration »...
  10. T

    AWS Instance change

    Hi there, I want to upgrade my instance size.. Is there any guideline to change Cpanel AWS Instance type ? I mean, is it safe to stop and start AWS instance? Kind Regards...
  11. E

    WHM and CPanel install on AWS

    Hello everyone I am new to all of this so bear with me, I have just recently did a fresh install of WHM on a AWS CENTOS. I have a good install and it is working well. Thing is, I didn't put it on a website per say I only access it from the IP address for WHM. I now want to add the domain to the...
  12. H

    AWS SES on shared Account

    How to configure AWS SES SMTP on a cpanel account which is hosted on a shared server.??
  13. B

    Restore data from AWS AMI instance onto CentOS?

    Hi all, Hoo boy, am I in over my head - that's why I'm coming to you for assistance. Really long story short (details below), my AWS EC2 instance running Amazon Linux AMI that hosted cPanel was terminated without any backups, but I still have the storage volume with (seemingly) intact data...
  14. R

    Hardware upgrade from EC2 on AWS with CPanel

    I have an EC2 instance on AWS with CPanel and I would like to increase the disk size and the type of instance, I thought about the following procedure: Stop the server Create an image (AMI) I launch another instance with this image with the disk, CPU and memory characteristics I want I...
  15. S

    Cpanel FTP on AWS - ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out

    Does anyone know how to fix this FTP error on a default cpanel install on aws? The data connection could not be established: ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out
  16. schoeps

    Best AWS Instance Type for cPanel, and other findings...

    Well, after trying practically them all, I believe the "C" series is the best as most of our server issues arise from the CPU getting overloaded. The t3 class does not seem to have a high enough offering in terms of CPU and RAM and the "burstable" performance does not seem to work at all...
  17. R

    High Availability & Load Balance on AWS

    Hi there, So I've read through most of the threads on here regarding HA and LB with cPanel and how this feature is not supported (cPanel needs to catch up!). I also know a service 'AUTOM8N' does what I need, however, I wanted to see if I can do this myself before relying on a 3rd party to...
  18. D

    cPanel on Amazon AWS, your thoughts?

    hey guys, It's been awhile since working admin on cPanel so I'm a bit rusty, but here's what I'm trying to accomplish: Install cPanel on Amazon AWS so that a client's site is served on the nearest server location to the sites user. For example, if a visitor is from somewhere in Europe, it...
  19. R

    Update DKIM to use Server Hostname

    I have just switched providers to AWS and I'm setting up emails to be sent from AWS. I've correctly setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC and rDNS, all confirmed to be fine but my emails continue to hit the recipient's spam. This wasn't the case on the previous host where the emails would deliver to the user's...
  20. Mr Luke

    Moving cPanel server to AWS

    Hi there, we are currently looking to move our servers to AWS, and the architecture that has been suggested is a 3-tier/multi-tier, high availability scaling setup. The AWS tech guy we spoke to isn't 100% familiar with cPanel/WHM and thinks that the multi tier and high availability options...